Is that what I think it is?!?!…Yup..that’s right…the finish line!

Hello you victorious students you,

Now, I know at times it probably seemed like this semester was NEVER going to end.  I know I felt that way a at times!  But….after today…YOU’RE DONE!!!  Take a second to bask in how great that really is….O.K enough.

So since this is the end of the semester there will not be very many “What’s goin’ on on campus” plugs, from me at least.  So I will just talk about myself…just kidding….really though get ready.

So this weekend, I did something that was really exciting to me and was a pretty cool experience…uplifting even.  I learned how to finally tie my shoes…wait what…embarrassing I know.  But really, on Sunday I went into Boston to meet Johnny Cupcakes! 

For those of you that know who I am talking about and dig what he does…be jeals.  For those of you who are like “MmMMmMMm Cupcakes…”, google it up!  I won’t go into his personal story but to say the least it was a pretty cool experience!

Now I hope y’all are using your free time wisely as classes wrap up today.  Make sure you hit the books hard for your finals.  Even if you are doing super awesome in a class, still put 110% into your final exam so that you can get the best grade possible!  If you lucky, your professor may not even make you take a final exam if you have a high enough grade so if that is the case for you…Congrats!!…but seriously go study now.

Alrighty, Today from 3PM to 7PM at the Campus Rec Center stress balls will be made and de-stressing will happen!!!  So head over when you get a chance and join in on the stress relief day.  Extremely helpful around these parts with all those finals and all

Alrighty, I’m Done,

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