It has been a long and arduous semester, full of trials and tribulations constantly putting our academic ability to the test. Literally. Finally after hours of studying and hardships, we have finally made it to finals week,  which is always a stressful time for any college student. Some classes may only have final papers, or final presentations, in which case there probably won’t be a formal final. But for the rest of us, here are a few tips to gaining success during these remaining few weeks of the semester!

1. Stay Calm– Although the final for a class weighs heavily on your grade, it is not everything. You probably have a lot of other grades from the semester which will also affect your class grade. If you’re in a class that hasn’t had many exams or quizzes, don’t panic. Take a few deep breathes and realize that you have been studying this whole semester and that you are capable of recalling all that information once again. 

2. Time Management– Finals week is right around the corner, which means any remaining study time will pass by quickly. Don’t fret, there is still hope! Over the next few weeks, try and set up a study schedule to set aside time for specific subjects. This also means you should set aside time for yourself. Whether it’s a full day or just a few hours, this time can do wonders to recharge your energy and keep you focused. Time management solves problems.

3. Study Buddy– When you study with a group, you may come across material you missed, or you could see a problem solved from a different perspective. While studying by yourself is appealing, it may benefit you to compare notes with your friends. The Tutoring Center is also a great resource to prepare for finals. Their drop-in hours can be found at

Good Luck With Finals!