This blog post is about cats.
And a few dogs.
Anyhoo, ever been kinda lonely at school, wishing you could play with a dog or a cat? Well, of course you have, seeing as animals that don’t live solely underwater  aren’t allowed on campus.
You know, the Lowell Humane Society loves getting help, and you can volunteer down there! You get to socialize the animals to people, take them on walks, make fun posters, and help keep the shelter running!
You could possibly be playing with a kitten as adorable as this!
You know, cats just want love and attention. And food.  And you can be the one to give them love and attention and food. Sure, you won’t be paid for it, but the benefits you can get are hugeeee.
Not only does volunteer work look good on a resume, but you get to help put a cat or dog into a good home! Animals in shelters require a lot of attention to get acclimated to humans (mostly the feral cats. I had two, and they can be a doozy! But they are the most lovey house cats once surrounded by people!), and there are never too many volunteers to help out animals. Besides, if you aren’t there to keep an eye on the cats, they might get out on a Harley and cause a ruckus!
Or maybe dogs are more your thing. I hear you. The dogs at the shelter are very friendly! They love going outside to run around, and get very excited when they see people come in. I would know; I based a photo project last semester off the humane society, and they were barking and wagging their tails as soon as I walked in! I’m sure you want to see those dogs at the shelter as happy as the dog in this very cute picture to the right, correct?

Alright! So if this something you’d be interested in, go to this link: