Greatest Thing Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have discovered one of the greatest things ever in a long time.  First, two questions..

1) Do you like m&m’s?!?!
2) Do you like coconut?!?!

I lied 3 questions…

3) Do you like Almond Joys?!?!?!?!

WELL LISTEN TO THIS…First look at the picture and see the greatness!!  COCONUT M&M’S!!!!! I discovered this at the gas station right by Wendy’s on South Campus at approximately 1:00 PM.

I am super excited about this and you should be too!

Now get serious…seriously.  How are you doing as far as getting ready for finals?  Check this out…

Today is Tuesday.  If you have class everyday, that means you have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday left, and Monday, Tuesday,and Wednesday of next week…and that is it.  Get geared up for finals they will be coming up super fast so get ready!

Now for the fun stuff…aside from the Coconut M&M’s

Tonight there is an open mic night at the Fox Common!  It starts at 9PM so come out and enjoy some fly music…with your coconut M&M’s!

Also, there is a Concert Band concert performing in Durgin Hall.  The performance starts at 7:30PM and should be a good time if you have nothing else to do…bring some Coconut M&M’s while your at it!

Fresh Friday’s is still alive and kickin’ and will be here again…you guessed it…Friday! Starts at 10PM at the Fox Hall Common so come and chillax…Coconut M&M’s anyone!?!?!

And my Movies That Rocks plug of course…This weekend is the last one so if you have not ventured to any of these…DO IT.  The showing will be of The Edge of Darkness and as usual will start Friday at 8PM in O’Leary Library room 222.  Sunday it will be at the Fox Hall Common and the ICC on Monday!…DON’T FORGET YOUR COCONUT M&M”S!!


Footloose is ready to premier this Thursday at 7:30PM in the Comley Lane Theater in Mahoney Hall.  There will be multiple showings…Thursday admission will only be $1 for UML students and Friday the show will start at 7:30 with tickets costing $5 for UML students and $10 for non students.  Saturday there will be two showings!  One at 2PM and another at 7:30.  And finally Sunday there will be a showing at 2PM so come out and watch this hip show!…Did I talk about the Coconut M&M’s yet?!?!?!

Alrighty I’m Done,

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