The Weekend is Here!

So what do weekends mean to college students? It really comes down to one of two things:

1. At least a day where one has no class or classwork


2. Two days without classes and approxiately 15 hours of labor at a menial place of employment at$10.00 per hour or lower to pay for college/lifestyle

Bon Weekend! TGIF

What’s on in the office?

Just working in the office by my lonesome 🙁

Playlist: Night Fever – Beegees; After the Love has Gone – Earth,Wind, and Fire; Close to You – The Carpenters; Stayin’ Alive – Beegees; After the Lovin’ – Englebert Humperdinck; Kissin’ a Fool – George Michael

Just another tuesday, enojy the weather while it lasts!



You could prevent the flu this way… or you could simply get the flu shot.
Now, I know the H1N1 virus has been inflated by the media to be this epidemic. Remember everyone, epidemic does not equal mass death.
The H1N1 vaccine will be available for UMASS Lowell students at a later date. We are still expected to get both the seasonal flu shot and the H1N1 Vaccine in order to be fully protected from the impending storm of sickness.
I understand that there have been some concerns that getting a flu shot actually gives you the flu. In a way, yes that is true. But it’s an inactivated virus. That means that the virus is not working and is simply injected into your body so your body may capture it, recognize it, learn what makes it tick, destroy it, and create a memory of self-defense against the flu’s genes.
It’s the loose equivalent to giving a basketball player a deflated ball. He/she won’t be able to play with the ball, but he/she will inspect it and decide, “oh… the texture of this ball will make playing with it really difficult anyway. I’ll never use this type of ball ever.”
So, do yourself a favor and get the flu shots. It’s offered through our school for 15$ which is much less than what you’d be spending on flu medicine, soup, and missing school work. Also, wash your hands with soap and avoid hand-to-face contact.
Take care, everyone, and stay healthy!
-Ben Nguyen


Hi everybody!

This is Tommy, an Orientation Ambassador here at UML! So this is my first blog on this page, and I wanted to talk about an awesome opportunity to explore downtown Lowell and enjoy one of the biggest poetry festivals in MA. That would be the 2009 Massachusetts poetry festival which is taking place just a 5 minute drive from Fox. Events will be going on all day the 16th, 17th, and the 18th.

This is a state-wide event that will include hundreds of poets from across the state and will feature readings, workshops, music, tours, and programs for emerging writers, like you! There is a total of 178 poets and presenters ranging from 18-80 years of age all willing to share their talent with us.

The events will take place at restaurants throughout downtown Lowell, with readings at Life Alive, Cafe Paradiso, Cobblestones and more. If you’d like a full list of the events check out the website Some of the events require you to get tickets, so you’ll have to check out the website anyway.

Even if you don’t want to stay for the full events, you can always grab a bite to eat and enjoy the atmosphere of Lowell. Go downtown and enjoy yourselves!

keep dancing,


Who’s working hard…Jeff is!!!

Hey peeps,

Jeff here and I’m gonna give you the heads up about a few things that are going on and tell you what I have been doing myself. So0o0o0o0o0o0o what has Jeff been doing you ask? He’s been working and getting stressed. It is getting to be that time of the semester where classes seem to get more stressful and midterms and papers are attacking you. DON’T STRESS!!!! It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed with all of the work that is coming at you but the best thing you can do is just start early. I know I have a 14 page term paper due next Tuesday that I have done nothing more than put a heading on and I really regret that!! Anyways, stay on top of your work and you will be just fine.


O.K so the advising period has begun and all of your ambassadors have set up information tables on both North and South campus. On North we are located in the Southwick Dining Hall and on South we are located in the McGauvern Student Union lobby. We will be there all day, everyday next week so come and talk to us if you have any questions or concerns about where to go for advising or what to do.

There are some chances for you to all come and support your Riverhawks sports this weekend starting tonight. Our women’s volleyball team is playing tonight at 7PM against New Haven CT at Costello Gym on North Campus so come and support your team!

Tomorrow afternoon the Women’s Soccer team is playing against Southern Conn. States at Cushing Field on North Campus at 2PM so if you miss the game tonight, go tomorrow!!

I hope all of you have been checking out the Movies That Rock Series that has been going on. The movie they are showing this weekend is Transformers: 2. Tonight it will be playing in O’Leary 222 starting at 8PM, Sunday in the Fox Hall Common, and Monday at the ICC so be sure to go and check it out!!!

So there’s your fun stuff for the next few days and that is not the only stuff going on so be sure to check out the student activities calendar to see all of the events that are happening!

Aright I’m Done,

Audrey Advice on Awesome Advising

Hey guys!

Audrey here.

Just wanted to encourage you all to check out the Advising tables set up by the fabulous Orientation Ambassadors. They are located in McGauvran Student Union on South campus and in Southwick cafeteria on North.

The tables are just to encourage students, especially transfers and freshmen, to make appointments to speak with thier advisors.

Talking to some one in your department is important so they can give you a heads up on what classes you should be taking so you can stay on track and graduate on time!

You can find youra advisor’s name in your ISIS account under “View My Advisor”.

Check out our tables for more information!

Family Day!!!

So let’s start off with proper introductions…My name is Erin, I am a senior majoring in English and Psychology. I am President of the Alternative Spring Break Service Club here on campus as well as an Orientation Ambassador/Coordinator.

Ok with that said…here’s some information on Family Day!! Family Day is on October 24th on the North campus field from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM (roughly). The theme this year is kind of a blast from the past with 80s and 90s. Get dressed up and come enjoy the fun!


Hey guys it’s Jeff! I’m one class down and that much closer to the long weekend!! Gotta love those. Anyways, just want to update you guys on whats going to be happening on and around campus in the next few days. I attended the “Movies That Rock” series at the ICC on Monday and it was actually a lot of fun so if none of you have ventured to see one of the awesome movies (a.k.a The Hangover), do it!! It is a good way to unwind after a a long week of studying and exams. The Hangover is showing tonight at 8 in O’leary 222, Sunday in the Fox Hall Common at 8, and Monday at the ICC also showing at 8.

Come and support your field hockey and soccer teams on Saturday as they both compete at 1 o’clock at Cushing Field on North Campus. Field Hockey is playing St. Michael’s while Soccer will be competing against LeMoyne College. Come and show your support!!

And DO NOT forget to get your flu shot this season! You don’t want to be “the kid who got everyone sick and now there’s a pandemic at UMass Lowell”….that would never happen but seriously, stay healthy and get your flu shot. Health Services is doing one last clinic on Tuesday October 13 in the McGauvran 3rd floor lobby. It only cost $15 and it will keep you from catching that pesky flu. Now I’m afraid of needles…like deathly afriad and I am going to get it done so if I can do it…you can!! WHO’S WITH ME!?!?!?!…don’t all cheer at once people.

Alright enough lecturing. But be sure to definetly check out all the events going on and if you haven’t already checked the “Gotta Be Here” website do it! And here is the link to the website so you don’t even have to search for it yourself. Aren’t I great? Go there now!!

Alright I’m Done,