Hey guys it’s Jeff! I’m one class down and that much closer to the long weekend!! Gotta love those. Anyways, just want to update you guys on whats going to be happening on and around campus in the next few days. I attended the “Movies That Rock” series at the ICC on Monday and it was actually a lot of fun so if none of you have ventured to see one of the awesome movies (a.k.a The Hangover), do it!! It is a good way to unwind after a a long week of studying and exams. The Hangover is showing tonight at 8 in O’leary 222, Sunday in the Fox Hall Common at 8, and Monday at the ICC also showing at 8.

Come and support your field hockey and soccer teams on Saturday as they both compete at 1 o’clock at Cushing Field on North Campus. Field Hockey is playing St. Michael’s while Soccer will be competing against LeMoyne College. Come and show your support!!

And DO NOT forget to get your flu shot this season! You don’t want to be “the kid who got everyone sick and now there’s a pandemic at UMass Lowell”….that would never happen but seriously, stay healthy and get your flu shot. Health Services is doing one last clinic on Tuesday October 13 in the McGauvran 3rd floor lobby. It only cost $15 and it will keep you from catching that pesky flu. Now I’m afraid of needles…like deathly afriad and I am going to get it done so if I can do it…you can!! WHO’S WITH ME!?!?!?!…don’t all cheer at once people.

Alright enough lecturing. But be sure to definetly check out all the events going on and if you haven’t already checked the “Gotta Be Here” website do it! And here is the link to the website so you don’t even have to search for it yourself. Aren’t I great?

http://www.uml.edu/student-services/gottabehere/ Go there now!!

Alright I’m Done,