Time for Advising!!


Hey Guys!

Andy Here!

Believe it or not Advising Appointments are coming up and we are here to help!

We will be setting up some tables to answer any questions about advising, who your advisors are, what you should do? etc.

We will be set up Wed Oct.18- Fri, Oct.16 and Mon. Oct.19- Thurs. Oct.22 from 9am to 4pm.

We will be set up in two convenient locations.
South Campus in the McGauvern Student Center
North Campus in the Southwick Dining Hall

Some come drop by if you have any questions!

Hope to see you there!

Signing off,


OCTOBER 30th – Save The Date! – The Rematch: UML vs BU @ Tsongas Arena

How sour are UML hockey fans about last years Hockey East Finals?

“Yo BU, I’m happy for you, and ‘Imma let you finish’, but the Riverhawks made that goal!”

I cried. Officials needed bodyguards. We lost 1-0 on a bad call and an uncommon rivalry was formed.

Just listen to the commentary and see for yourself: “The Call Heard ‘Round The World”
Make sure you’re there at the Tsongas Arena on October 30th for the retribution game of the 2009-2010 UMass Lowell Riverhawks Season! Game attendance is free for students!


Get Immunized!

Flu Shot Clinics

Cumnock Hall – Oct 7th (10AM-2PM)
McGauvran Student Union – October 13th (10AM-2PM)

Only $15.00 to prevent the BIG BAD FLU! Trust me, you don’t want to be sick during midterms, finals, or ever.

Kill your misery with money and a phlebotomic panacea…

You could even win a Scottish Fold Kitten! (Just Kidding…Sorry Jeff :-P)


Don’t Ever Skip Class, Whether You’re There Or Not!

Each class individually costs approximately $80.00. Don’t waste your money on frivilous things like sleep and laziness. Even though the best things in life are free, class isn’t, and your attendance means more than just sitting in a seat with your eyes glued to a projector. Manage your time and your class schedule so you can learn and participate instead of being a lush who thinks that a coffee and a Sporting News is the best way to spend the morning in Exploring the Universe. Before you know it those midterms are going to come rolling in and those students who don’t attend class or who sit there doing nothing but texting suprisingly disappear next semester. Don’t say no one didn’t warn you…

Help Me Out!!

It’s Jeff and I need your help!! I am having a hard time deciding on what I want to be for Halloween. It is between a classic nerd, headless man, or a pumpkin bobble head. I do not have a picture of me with the pumpkin head but here is the nerd and headless man……..

Anyway, here is what I have on my agenda today. I have to do some last minute studying for an exam at 4 which I am not excited about but we all have to do them so SUCK IT UP!!….sorry…

Later tonight I have rehearsal with the Studio Jazz Orchestra getting ready for our performance. As the end of the semester winds down all of our ensembles here will be performing for the students to come and watch for free so be sure to follow the updates about when they are performing and come support your fellow students!! The music ensembles range from concert and orchestral music to jazz and funk music so whatever you are into we have an ensemble that you will enjoy. I’ll keep you guys posted!!

Alright I’m Done,

Fox Hall – Best Place in the World…Period.

The Reasons that Fox Hall is better than anywhere else in the world:

1. The Common – Late Night Dining is open until 1 AM so if you like food you’ll love Fox .
2. The Rec Center – literally less than 400 feet from the front door is the best exercise facility in all of Middlesex county. There’s no excuse for not going at least for three or four hours per week if you live in Fox.
3. Fox Hall Dining- Aramark offers quality and delicious meals on the second floor, so you never have to walk to a dining hall that’s more than a couple of floors beneath you.
4. Huge triples and doubles (even quads) – So much room in these fully furnished rooms.
5. 1000+ Residents – Fox Hall never sleeps! There’s so many new friends to meet at all hours of the day!
6. Centers for Learning- How many resident halls do you know of that have a computer lab and tutoring center that’s open late night, every night??? That’s right, none, except for Fox Hall.
7. A High Rise/River View in the Tallest Building in Lowell – Need I say more?
8. The Endangered Falcons (aka the “Riverhawks”) – They live on the roof and divebomb pigeons and jays. They’re the badest and would only choose the most awesome perch in the world to be endangered and awesome!
9. Living Learning Communities (LLC’s) – Newly Renovated Floors with students who are studying the same subjects that you are!
10. Primarily Freshman – Because you’re only cool once and then you become a boring upperclassmen.


The Green Mountain Coffee High!

Here at UMass Lowell, the brew of choice is Green Mountain Coffee, and I love it! Pumpkin Spice, Black Magic Espresso, French Vanilla, Original Blend, Pleasant Blend, Blueberry Blue Mountain, Caramel Creme, Decaf, Hazelnut, or anything that seasonal will do. If not for the coffee and delicious breakfasts to go at Broadway and Wilder, I would not have scheduled 8 AM Classes on South Campus, nor the 8:30 classes on North Campus. Caffiene is a way of life. If you don’t spend the $1.79 for the 20 oz you’ll turn into a goat. So just drink it black and you’ll never go back.


Time for some Ashley

Hey there! I’m baaa aaaack, haha. So how was your guys’ weekends? So a little bit about my weekend, I saw Toy Story 1&2 in 3D, and it was awesome! So nostalgic! If you’d like a little blast from the past, deffinetly check it out. And last night, I went to the “Moveis That Rock” series at the ICC and saw Up! It was so conveinent just taking the elevator to the 2nd floor of the ICC and watching FREE movie, that I love! Check out those events, epsecially if you’ve got nothing to do on a boring Sunday or Monday night!! I also went and cheered on our Lady Ruggers at the Women’s Rubgy match on Sunday. Unfortunately, Wentworth won by a dissapointing 2 trys. Nonetheless, it was still a great match to watch! If you’re into watching sports, you should deffinetly check out some of the Men’s and Women’s games. Admission is FREE! If you want a schedule of games, e-mail me at Ashley_Tello@student.uml.edu and I’ll give you all the information you could ever want!!

I also finished up my lab report for Life Science and starting studying for my Psychology of Developmental Disabilities exam. The lab took me almost 2 hours to type out, but once I finished I felt so relieved. Next time, I’m not going to wait until 12 am to write it! Procrastination is my worst enemy! I’m trying to work on it though, time management is something I deffinetly am trying to work on. I’m a little nervous for my exam on Friday. I usually start studying a week before an exam, but I started on Sunday. I like to be able to write out flash cards and notes, then be able to use them to study all week. I did really well on all of the exams when I studied this way, so I’m deffinetly going to stick with it.

Finding out what study strategies work for you is HUGE part of college academic life. If you’re having any trouble doing so, we have tons of resources for you to utilize. FOR FREE! If you’re finding that you’re studying isn’t as effective as you’d like, or you just need a little bit of help with that one tricky calculus problem you should check out the Centers For Learning!! You can check them out in a few ways!

Visit there website!! http://www.uml.edu/class/
Visit there offices!! South Campus: O’Leary Library, 3rd Floor
North Campus: Southwick Hall, 308
Give them a call!! 978-934-2936
Or shoot them an e-mail!! Sheila_rileycallahan@uml.edu

Remember to bookmark this link! http://calendar.uml.edu/webevent/scripts/webevent.plx?token=guest.&show_favorites=1;cmd=startup&calID=991


If you’re around, head over to the:

Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center
The Lowell Film Collaborative and Parker Lectures presents a FREE screening of the stunning documentary “Killer Poet,” which details the story of Massachusetts’ convicted murderer Norman Porter who escaped prison and lived in Chicago as renowned poet JJ Jameson.

Student Government Association Meeting:
Where? McGauvran Student Center, Room 410, South Campus
What? Public participation welcomed. Meet your student representatives and share any comments or concerns you have.
When? WEDNESDAY, Oct 7 -5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Career Fair Prep Workshop
Where? Southwick 240
What? Get your resume in order.
When? THURSDAY Oct 8, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM


“The Hangover” is showing for FREE Friday, Sunday, and Monday night!!
Friday – O’Leary Library, 8 pm
Sunday – Fox Hall Common, 8 pm
Monday – ICC Junior Ballroom, 8 pm

If you haven’t seen The Hangover yet, go! It’s HYSTERICAL! And it’s FREE! What more could you want?!

Well, that’s enough from me today!
I’ll catch you guys later!