Hi everybody!

This is Tommy, an Orientation Ambassador here at UML! So this is my first blog on this page, and I wanted to talk about an awesome opportunity to explore downtown Lowell and enjoy one of the biggest poetry festivals in MA. That would be the 2009 Massachusetts poetry festival which is taking place just a 5 minute drive from Fox. Events will be going on all day the 16th, 17th, and the 18th.

This is a state-wide event that will include hundreds of poets from across the state and will feature readings, workshops, music, tours, and programs for emerging writers, like you! There is a total of 178 poets and presenters ranging from 18-80 years of age all willing to share their talent with us.

The events will take place at restaurants throughout downtown Lowell, with readings at Life Alive, Cafe Paradiso, Cobblestones and more. If you’d like a full list of the events check out the website http://masspoetry.org/. Some of the events require you to get tickets, so you’ll have to check out the website anyway.

Even if you don’t want to stay for the full events, you can always grab a bite to eat and enjoy the atmosphere of Lowell. Go downtown and enjoy yourselves!

keep dancing,