Thanksgiving Break Information!

Thanksgiving is handsdown my favorite holiday.

Yeah, Christmas is awesome, too. But I think a holiday completely about eating wins, in my opinion. Also, I love being able to express to my family and friends how thankful I am for them, and other aspects of my life. My family doesn’t do a ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving with a turkey being the main entree.

About 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, all of the women in my family get together at my Nana’s house and we make enough RAVIOLIS to last the entire family through both Thanksgiving and Christmas! Homemade pasta dough, ping (Ravioli filling consisting of ricotta and spinach), and flour cover my Nana’s kitchen as all of us women sing ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ and ‘Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey’ over and over again.

As you can see, Thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite times of year. I’m super excited for THANKSGIVING BREAK. For this year’s Thanksgiving Break schedule you can visit::

This is the Registrar’s Academic Calendar where you can find out all about our days off and vacations.

Thanksgiving break is starting on NOVEMBER 25th beginning at 10:00 PM. Most Residence Halls close at 5:00 PM during this time, so BE SURE TO CHECK WITH YOUR RESIDENT ADVISOR OR RESIDENT DIRECTOR ASAP so you can coordinate with your parents/guardians.

Also, if you are a Varisty Athlete, many stay over this break or may return early due to practices or games. Check with your coaches if they haven’t informed you yet!!

Classes resume again on that MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30th so make sure you’ve stuffed your face enough by then to make it through until Winter Break!!


Money, Money, Money!

Hi, Cynthia Here!

As we all know, this semester is slowly but surely coming to an end. Whew! Thats one down one more to go! For me, the end of the semester means applying for jobs, because my bank account appears to be slowly running out and the number one demand of college kids? You got it: money!

This week, I have two interviews for different jobs on campus, and of course, they are both on the same day!! So that means I have a lot of preparing to do.

A couple common interview tips for any of you in the same situation as me:

  • Greet the employer with a handshake
  • Make frequent eye contact
  • Be polite, Smile!
  • If in doubt, bring a resume (better safe than sorry)
  • Be upbeat and positive

A great recorce on campus that can also help you with interview tips is Career Services located in Southwick 200 on North Campus. They have drop-in resume makeovers if you’re not sure how to make a resume. Their schedule for November can be found HERE!

Career Services also offers advice about changing majors if you’re unhappy in your major. You can also go schedule a mock interview to help practice for your interview!

That’s it for me for now! I gotta get back to my resume!


The unofficial word on academic changes at UML

Hey guys!

Audrey here.

So I’ve been pretty much MIA the last few days, and I apologize for my absence. I was off representing UML at a journalism conference down in Austin, TX. (Which was a blast, by the way!)

I wanted to talk to you folks about the upcoming changes happening to the academic Spring 2010 semester here at UML. In the title of this blog, I said it was “unofficial” because I can’t be quoted on this information- I just wanted to let you know what I’ve heard so you can be in the loop.

First off, as many of you know, the Learning Community system is well in session. UML has designed programs where two classes must be taken together in order for students to get the “complete” package of information. For example, Civil War history and Southern Literature will be both be taken together by students.

For information, see this website!

ASB Fundraiser Concert

The Alternative Spring Break is hosting a concert to fundraise for their trip to Guatamala and Arizona for this spring break! The tickets are only $5 for 4 bands (The Saints, Runaway Redwagon, Life on Hold and Pathogenic) and a fun night of music and dancing…plus you’re helping a great cause!
The concert is tomorrow (November 5th) on North Campus in Cumnock Hall. Doors open at 6:30 and the first band goes on at 7:00. The show is estimated to end by 11:00 so you will still have the rest of the night to do your own thing.

Hope to see you all there!!


Class Registration!

Registration is upon us!

I can’t think of anyone who hates registering for future classes. I personally love sitting down at the computer, racing to get into the classes I want, and writing down a schedule of times to balance out my day for next semester.

If you haven’t done so, check ISIS to find the date of your enrollment appointment, check with the Registrar to relieve any holds, and speak to your advisor about what classes you should take next semester.

That’s all you have to do!


Lowell is great!

Hey guys! It’s Shay. 🙂
I’m not really doing much of anything, just working here at the Orientation office right now and working my butt off in all my classes. Graphic design is more time consuming than you’d think!

I recently went with fellow Ambassador Ben to a local restaurant, Life Alive, which just so happens to be next to my favorite local art store, Van Gogh’s Gear. Life Alive is an organic and vegetarian friendly restaurant located on Middle Street in Downtown Lowell. Now, I like meat and if you put a steak in front of me, I’d be a happy camper. But this food was SO. GOOD.
I got a Hot and Healthy Bachelor [wheat tortilla with boiled eggs, sun dried tomatoes, greens, broccoli, carrots, and melted cheddar], and Ben got The Fool [Udon noodles in sesame ginger sauce, with kale, mushrooms, tofu, and sesame seeds]. I was sick that day too, but after I ate I felt so much better, it was amazing! It is a little pricy there, because they offer organic products and quality ingredients, but it’s totally worth it.

If vegetarian isn’t your thing, and you like more Asian-geared food, I’d definately recommend going to Viet Thai, a Vietnamese/Taiwanese restaurant located right by Lowell City Hall on Merrimack Street. The restaurant has a nice cozy feel to it; you just choose a seat and they come to you. You get so much food for such a great value, I always get the rice noodles with beef, and it’s cooked with cabbage, carrots, baby corn, and other vegetables. It costs me about $6/$7, and I get enough food to last me legitimately three days.

There’s also Monkeys on Merrimack Street [so you can go there after Viet Thai!], which has awesome ice cream. Who cares if it’s November? Ice cream is awesome all the time.

You can also find lots of cute little shops and stores throughout Downtown. There’s Found, which is a vintage store that has loads of things that you might find up in Dad or Grandma’s attic. There’s also the Brush Art Gallery, which is free and where you can go see in progress works of artists working at the refinished lots, and buy various prints and original pieces. And finally, don’t forget to check out the backbone of Lowell, the Lowell Mills which have AMAZING tours [we went for Orientation training, and I had a blast!]

Well, that’s it for me for now! :]

Midterms and Madness

Hi everyone! Its Cynthia 🙂

So about now you should be getting all you midterm assessments back if you haven’t already. I got my Mechanical Behavior of Materials (trust me, its almost as awful as it sounds) midterm back yesterday and I was not too happy with my grade. Midterms are usually a good indicator in whether you should withdraw from a class or not depending on how much you midterm affects you final grade. All that information can be found on the syllabus you got at the begining of the semester. I ended up going to my professors office hours, and she was very understanding. She recomended that I keep going in the class instead of withdrawing because it was apparant to her that I understood the material and the midterm only counts as 15% of my grade.


Thats the best advice I can give you. Your professor will be able to go over your projected grade and let you know if you should stay in a class or try again next semseter.

The last day to withdraw with a W is November 13. But make sure its your last resort. Although a W doesn’t exactly look good on your transcripts, it does look better than an F and it doesn’t effect your GPA!

Thats all for now!


Ashley’s stressing…what’s new

Hey ya’ll.

So the last couple of weeks have been really hectic and stressful for me. I’m sure you’re all feeling some sort of tension as the semester comes to mid-terms and registering for new classes and such. It really can get overwhelming.

Because of my recent MCL injury, I was unable to attend one of my classes located on the 4th floor of Southwick (no elevator.) I’ve been having to turn in assignments via e-mail without even discussing them with the professor. It’s been kind of rough. Rugby season ended, so I don’t have my agression outlet anymore. And my roommate is moving out soon. I’ve also been having some familial issues so I feel really stressed out 99.98% of the time. I’m thinking about making and appointment with the Counseling Center just so I have someone to vent to without feeling like they’re going to judge me or make assumptions.

If you’re feeling at all overwhelmed, upset, stressed, or just need to talk to someone feel free to contact the Counseling Center::

To make an appointment, call or stop by the Counseling Center at:
McGauvran Student CenterUMass Lowell South, Room 363
Hours: Weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Phone: 978-934-4331

For after-hours emergencies, a counselor is on call through the University Communications Center at University Police 978-934-2398.


Counseling Confidentiality
Information from private counseling sessions is discussed only in confidential Counseling Center staff and supervision meetings. It will not be discussed with or released to other people without your consent. Your counselor’s notes are not a part of your official University record.
In certain circumstances, confidentiality is breached for legal matters. Examples include, if you were at risk for harming yourself or another person; if you were reporting the abuse of a child; if you were reporting emotional or physical abuse of a person with a disability who, because of the disability, was dependent on others; if you were reporting serious emotional or physical abuse or financial exploitation of an elderly person.”

The Counseling Center can help with issues such as :

  • low self-esteem
  • self-defeating behaviors
  • adjusting to college
  • poor academic performance
  • dealing with troublesome feelings, such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, shyness, fear and anger
  • managing time and/or stress
  • dealing with suicidal thoughts and concerns
  • food problems and eating disorders
  • difficulties with alcohol and/or drugs
  • dealing with death and loss
  • relationship difficulties with family, friends or romantic partners
  • gender issues

Make sure to check in if you’re feeling like you need someone to talk to.

Any concerns or questions, feel free to e-mail me so I can send you in the right direction:


Guess whos back?!

Hey guys, Jess Yu here. Its been SUCH a long time I have written in this due to my studies. Since the second week of school, I have had at least one test every week along with 2 lab reports due every week and the occasional homework from other classes. It can get pretty overwhelming sometimes especially when I have 3 tests in one week but I deal with it by taking deep breaths and making sure the stress doesn’t get to me plus i had rugby on top of that. I’m sure many of you guys have been dealing with the same problem as me. Hopefully the classes have been getting easier for you! Just always make sure you make your studies your number 1 priority and then everything else should fall behind it.

But anyways, updates on my life? My rugby season unfortunately just ended. Our team made playoffs, a huge impact on our past seasons and it was a very big deal with us. We lost 24-12 against Wentworth in a very hard fought game. Although we lost, we were very proud of each and everyone on our team becasue nobody gave up. I was also happy to have scored a try! (A try in rugby is a touchdown in football worth 5 points and a conversion is a field goal kick in football worth 2 points.) Our rugby season is over but not for long. the next season training starts shortly after spring semester starts practicing in the morning indoors until the snow melts, and then back to outdoor practices. We accept new people each and every day so please if you are interested do not hesitate to email me at And don’t let the aggresive sport intimidate you. I weigh 115 pounds and I am the smallest girl on the team, and yet I can tackle the biggest girls with no problem.

Since rugby is over though, the gym is going to be a very good resource for me. I hope everyone is staying healthy and exercising daily. It is very nice to run outside, but winter is coming up and those treadmills are calling my name! I know I can get very lazy sometimes, and skip the gym, but I’ll definitly be more determined this year especially with the swine flu and bad flu season. My main focus is to stay fit and healthy and stay healthy so I don’t get sick!

I hope our advising tables helped out students who had any questions and everyone saw their advisors! Signing up for classes is just around the corner so make sure you make a schedule that fits you the best. To look up classes follow these steps:
1) go to
2) on the alphabetical directory on the bottom of the page, go to r
3) go to registar
4) click on registar
5) look up spring 2010 classes
6) from there look up all the classes you have to take that correspond with your major

It’s easy as 1,2,3!

If you also have no idea when to sign up for classes and want to know…follow these steps:

1) log onto your isis account at
2) click on academics on the right hand side
3) click on enrollment appointment on the left hand side
4) it should tell you on the top when and what time you can sign up for classes (it depends on the amount of credits you have)

if you don’t know how to sign up for classes follow these steps:
1) log onto your isis account at
2) click on academics
3) click on add/drop/swap classes
4) click spring 2010 semester
5) click add classes
6) type in the class number for that class
7) press submit

whats the class number you ask? the class number is the 4 or 5 digit number that comes with the section number.

For example…if i wanted to take anatomy and physiology 2. The sections number for that class is 35.102.102. Right next to it in the next column, it has the class number which is 19229. I would type 19229 into the space where it says to write the class number when you sign up for classes.

Any questions, like i said before, feel free to email me or any of the ambassadors

hope this helps!!

Jess Yu xoxo

“HOCKEYYYYYYYYY” -Direct Quote: Ashley

Let’s go Riverhawks! The Tsongas Arena has been buzzing with excitement since the beginning of the ’09-’10 hockey season. The Riverhawks were picked 2nd in the Hockey East pre-season poll. UMass Lowell Riverhawks are moving up in Hockey East with a current record of 4-2. The Riverhawks opened the season in Omaha, NE with a shut-out ‘W’ over St. Lawrence. The next game, vs. Nebraska-Omaha, the Riverhawks suffered a tough loss of 4-3. The team came back with a great home opener against Colgate with a win of 5 -3. On Oct. 23rd, the Tsongas Arena housed 4,404 fans! The increase in fans from 3,396 (in the ’07 –’08 season) to 4,404 for the ’09-’10 season home opener is setting a new record that is sure to continue as fans flood to the Tsongas to cheer on the Riverhawks! The next home game which was held on the 24th of October was a rematch of the 2008-09 Hockey East Semi-Finals between UMass Lowell and Northeastern. The game was taken by the Riverhawks to upset the Huskies by 3-1. On October 30th, the big rivalry was set up at the Tsongas Arena. The intense game went into overtime and the Riverhawks suffered a disappointing 5-4 loss to Boston University. The next day, the Riverhawks traveled to Boston and evened out the score when they beat the Boston Terriers on their own ice by 3-2. As you can see, this hockey season for the UMass Lowell Riverhawks has been extremely exciting on the ice. And for fans, it’s not only the team that keeps them coming back. At every home game for the Riverhawks, the Tsongas Arena has plenty to offer its’ fans. Every home game is set with ‘Lobby Entertainment’, which have included the One-Man Band and the Living Gargoyle Statue. The entertainment this season varies from musical entertainment, art pieces, and children’s activities. Another exciting promotion happening at the Tsongas this season is the Riverhawks new `Season Ticket Raffle’ which will conclude on Saturday, March 6. Fans have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets at all home games to enter to win a pair of season tickets for the 2010-2011 season! Tickets for home games are free to students who bring their UMass Lowell I.D. card, so every student has the opportunity to watch our Riverhawks dominate on the ice! In addition, our Blue Fan Group on campus awards prizes and much more to the fans wearing their ‘Blue Fan Group’ shirts to campus events, sports games, and around campus! This sporting season is alive with Riverhawk spirit. We hope to “see you at the Tsongas!”