Congratulations Semi-Finalists!

Here are the semi-finalists teams! These teams will move on to the Preliminary Pitch-off for a chance to advance to the final Idea Challenge! A big congratulations to all students that applied. In addition, Please come support these teams from 5-6pm at the Preliminary Pitch-off on April 4th in O’Leary Library!

Blockchain Authenticator- An authenticator built on the blockchain for maximum security. The blockchain is a decentralized internet that everyone has access too so it makes it very difficult to hack into. The purpose of this idea is to stop from people make fakes of their product.

Books should not be a luxury!- An app for all UML students to reach out to fellow students who either want to sell, buy, rent or even borrow (from friends) the books of their curriculum.

Civic Minded Community- A social initiative that aims to combat crime by building a stronger community. We provide a convenient online platform to assist those who want to make a change in their community but do not know where to start.

ClassRoots- A peer learning platform that aims to bring classmates together in order to make friends and utilize each other as tools for academic success.

Community Garden Network- A non-profit organization that focuses on creating community gardens in areas which are deprived of quality nutrient rich foods and resources to become self-sustainable.

Creating an App for People with Dietary Restrictions Looking for Suitable Restaurants- The focus of this project is to create an app for people with dietary restrictions whether it be health, cultural or religious find restaurants near them that suit their needs.

EDUFUND- Social media platform that will connect students in need of college funding with investors, through means of income share agreement.

ETRALock- A device that could be attached to any door in order to help people easily and safely access their homes key-free.

Extraction of Coffee essential oil from spent coffe grounds- The project involves the extraction of oil from organic waste to contribute towards reducing energy crisis and for applications in cosmetology.

H2All- A non-profit organization that promotes awareness for this issue, provides relief for communities without access to clean water, and help create infrastructure in those areas so they can be self-sufficient.

I Am Jack Travis-  Self branding online as a mental health advocate. Main mission is “to be the person who wasn’t there for me.”

Iron Legion- Our objective is to develop an autonomous drone network designed to carry out delivery service, search and rescue, and infrastructure security operations.

Keeping It Human- As an extension for Twitter and Facebook, it utilizes state-of-the art data-mining & analysis methods with computer analytics to determine if the social media account in question is a real person with a small indicator near their personal handle, or one of the millions of bots that are seemingly human in 2018.

Laptop holder for drafting tables with angle adjustment- A product that finally satisfies the need of visual artists when they both draw and paint on tiltable drafting tables.

LasarusPod- An app designed to utilize the preexisting networks of commuters to deliver commodities across campus for minimal cost

Lead-Ex Filter- This project aims to develop an effective lead removal device for water distribution system.

Mass HeartBeat- Mass HeartBeat is an organization dedicated to bringing affordable and convenient heart screening services to students directly at their school, camp, or university. Mass HeartBeat uses state-of-the-art ECG technology to screen students for undetected cardiac conditions that could lead to sudden cardiac death if left untreated.

On-campus Job Searching – Career Hawk- Makes it easier for students to find an on campus job, and helps professors find student assistants.

Opioid-Crisis: Youth Focused Comicbook- The idea is to develop a comicbook targeted at youth between the ages of 12-18 years old to educate and bring awareness to the dangers of opioid use and abuse.

Personalized Learning- This project is focused around utilizing students personality traits and learning styles to match them with the most optimal professor for each of their classes based off of their teaching style.

Pesticide Spraying Robotics Arm- A pre-programed small-footprint robotic arm is able to spray exact doses of pesticide in complex farming environment such as apple, plum, cherry (branched tree).

Pillzio-Have a loved one who needs a better, easier way to manage their medications? Pillzio will help you set up a easy-to-read schedule to help ensure medications are taken at the appropriate times. With Google Assistant, there is no clunky interface to navigate through – simply talk to the voice assistant to get your questions answered!

Project Orange- A phone that’s fixable, yet watertight. A phone that is durable, yet sexy. A phone that fits the new consumer’s needs.

ProjectPACE- UML Center for Terrorism and Security Studies

SeaView-With SeaView’s drone based monitoring systems swimming at the local beach, waterpark, or pool becomes nearly entirely worry free. SeaView systems are an efficient way to provide more eyes on swimmers and will ideally seek to elimante all risks related to swimming.

Smart Val, a better way to venture- An app that would center around securing people’s vehicles and parking or offering other services while they are away or unable to do so themselves due to time or other constraints.

Solo Adventurer Safety System- Providing reliable GPS tracking and communication with a timed checking system to make sure the adventurer is always safe.

T.A.P- T.A.P, an acronym for teach-a-pal, is a concept to address this insufficiency by introducing and utilizing a peer to peer study solution in hopes of increasing performance in exams.

TaskTime- An app to assist AD(H)D and executive dysfunctional professionals in the workplace to manage time and tasks more persistently.

2018 Workshop Series: Delivering Your Rocket Pitch

This past Wednesday, February 28th, our last workshop in the series was held in Lydon Library, Room 110, from 5:30-7:30PM. This workshop was focused on delivering your rocket pitch to the judges at the Idea Challenge.

Faculty Fellows Michelle Bazin, and John Brown took control of this workshop. Michelle is the Co-Director of Legal Studies, and John is the Program Advisor for Undergraduate Education Minor. They gave awesome advice on their experience with speaking in front of large crowds, and giving presentations, which they do almost everyday.

Some students were brave enough to do their pitch on a whim, and impressed us all!

We hope this workshop helped you feel more prepared for one of the most nerve-racking parts of the Idea Challenge. Also, a big thank you to everyone who attended this years workshop series. Good luck to all students in the Idea Challenge!

2018 Workshop Series 3: Developing Business Models

On February 26th, we hosted our third workshop in our workshop series. The topic for this workshop was developing business models. Over 30 students showed up, eager to participate in the event, and there was even a delicious turkey dinner!

The speakers for this workshop were faculty fellows Tom O’Donnell and Hunter Mack. They each worked off of each other and made a great presentation on the ways to develop a business model, with interesting videos and step by step processes.

Students periodically stopped to reflect, and used boards to formulate their own business model template. Lots of brainstorming was happening!

Thank you to everyone for coming and making this workshop so much fun. We hope the information you learned was useful in your preparation for the Idea Challenge!