DifferenceMaker WordPress October Innovation & Entrepreneurship Month Kickoff

Hello UMass Lowell Students!

Today is October 1st, the beginning of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship month at UMass Lowell and our first WordPress post. We here at DifferenceMaker are hosting two events over the next two days; these are information seminars to let students know what DifferenceMaker is doing and where we will be over the course of the semester. It is also an opportunity to meet other students interested in starting a team to make a Difference, so don’t miss out. We will have information on getting involved and what events we are hosting along with celebrating the beginning of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Month!

DifferenceMaker Season Kick-off

Wednesday, October 2
5-6:30 p.m., Atrium, Saab ETIC, North Campus

Thursday, October 3
5-6:30 p.m., Mezzanine, O’Leary, South Campus

  • Come learn more about DifferenceMaker
  • Eat and greet! (food and drinks will be provided) Meet other students whose ideas are making a difference
  • Learn about several funding and team-building opportunities
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