End of the Year = Laziness Right? WRONG.

Hello everyone!

The end of the year is approaching us at an extremely scary rate. We only have about a month and change left in the rest of our semester! This is crunch time for college students. A lot of teachers will be giving out final projects (usually all at the same), and also all your tests will be coming up soon as well. I’m not even talking about finals. There are still more quizzes and test to be had even before we get into final territory. Now how can we keep up with all of this madness? Easy. DONT FALL BEHIND. It is a lot easier to get things done if you are staying on top of all of your work, but it is nearly impossible to dig yourself out of a hole that you have put yourself in. Make sure you are writing down your assignments and getting them all done. Homework counts for a big portion of your grade in most classes! Make sure that you are also finding time for some fun as well though. This is the most stressful last two months of the year, make sure you are taking time out of your day to spend on you (just not too much though okay!).

Happy Tuesday!

~James (Tuesday comes after Monday.. Rebecca Black taught me that!)

Where am I going to live next year?

Hey everyone!!!!!!!

It’s about that time of year to get in your $200 NON refundable housing deposit in ON TIME!!! If you do NOT get it in ON TIME you will NOT be guranteed housing for next year (if you are not living on campus next year don’t worry about it). Who did I give this deposit to? When is the deadline? The who is the Office of Resident life located in fox hall 1st floor, by THIS FRIDAY April 8th 2011!!!! Next question to ask is where can I live next year as an upperclassmen???

1. Log on to theOnline Housing Gateway and submit where you want to live.
2. You can live in Downtown lowell at the Inn and Conference center (ICC)
3. There are 2 off campus apartment buildings you can live in: East Meadow Lane and Moody Street
4. Wanna stop sharing bathrooms with everyone live in and live with a bunch of your friends: Sheehy or Donhue
5. How does 1 roommate sound: Boug and Concorida will be doubles
6. Wanna Live alone: Concordia…

You have alot of options!!!!! Submit now!!!