HR Direct Go Live Announcement

Emailedfrom Rich Conley to campus HR Users (4/27/09)….

The University of Massachusetts is pleased to announce the HR Direct 9.0 application will Go Live on Monday, May 4, 2009. This communication outlines key information regarding the HR Direct Go Live.

Conversion Process/System Availability

The conversion process will begin on April 29, 2009 after the payroll process is complete. The conversion process will run until May 4, 2009. Members of the campus HR office will be involved with the Project Team during the cutover window to ensure data is converted successfully to the HR Direct application.

The e*mpac HR 7.6 application will be shut down for any further data entry at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, April 28, 2009. On Wednesday, April 29, 2009, the e*mpac HR 7.6 application will switch over to read only access for all those with access to the 7.6 application.

HR Direct (9.0) Application Go Live
An email notification will be sent out once the system is available for you to use. The planned dates for campus access are as follows:

  • Monday, May 4 — Human Resource office staff
  • Tuesday, May 5 — Decentral users including timekeepers
  • Friday, May 15 ‘ Employees (excluding student employees) will access self-service

We will provide the login link once the system is ready. Furthermore this link will eventually be posted on the campus HR Direct web page.

NOTE: The HR application login process has changed from 7.6 to 9.0. Campuses will now leverage campus accounts to login to the HR Direct 9.0 application. See the HR Direct Login Information for more details on how to login.

Training and Support Information

During training, you were introduced to the UMass Productivity Kit (UPK), which offers both online tutorials and printable training materials (manuals and job aids). UPK is available through the campus HR Direct website at anytime We also encourage you to use UPK after Go Live via the Help Link in the HR 9.0 application.

In addition to available training tools, there are also drop in labs scheduled. These offer a great chance for you to perform data entry task with the comfort of having staff available to assist you. Jose Guerrero has provided you the schedule for these support labs.

Timesheets and other Forms

Coinciding with the rollout of the new HR Direct system, there are also new timesheets available. Information about new timesheets has been posted on UML Today and Senior Management was informed of this during a meeting in early April. Timesheets and other HR forms are on the Human Resource web page.

Further Updates

Additional communications will be sent throughout the Go Live process. You can also access the HR Direct website for fact sheets, presentations, and more information about enhancements to the HR Direct functionality.

Please contact me with any questions: (x4794)



Timekeeper Support Sessions Scheduled

From Jose Guerrero (IT Training Office)


As mentioned during Time and Labor for Timekeepers Training, we will be offering support sessions once we Go Live. The purpose of these sessions is to help you enter your first timesheets into the newly upgraded system. There is no need to sign up, the sessions are in a drop-in format.

Do not forget to bring your timesheets !!!

Tuesday, May 5th

  • Southwick 302 North Campus 9am-12pm
  • O’Leary 300B South Campus 3pm-5pm

Wednesday, May 6th

  • Southwick 302 North Campus 9am-12pm
  • O’Leary 300B South Campus 1pm-4pm

Thursday, May 7th

  • Southwick 302 North Campus9am-12pm
  • O’Leary 300B South Campus 3pm-5pm

Friday, May 8th

  • Southwick 302 North Campus9am-12pm
  • O’Leary 300B South Campus1pm-4pm

Monday, May 11

  • Southwick 302 North Campus9am-12pm
  • O’Leary 300B South Campus 2pm-5pm

Best Regards,

Jose Guerrero, Trainer
Information Technology (Olsen 100)
P: 978-934-4768
F: 978-934-4012

What is changing with HR Direct?

As we get ready to go-live with HR Direct in a couple weeks there are just a couple things most employees should expect to change right away:

    1. Timesheets — Although mostly aesthetic there are new timesheets for those employees who currently complete them. Visit HR Forms to download the most recent version. The layout of this new form will assist those who perform the data entry of reported time.
    2. Employee Self Service – This optional tool is meant to introduce employees to self-service functionality — there is no requirement to use this for any HR business. Employees will still receive a paper pay advice on the appropriate Friday’s using the same distribution process in effect today.

Employees who have previously done data entry into empac HR, have all been invited to training and most have completed it.

Employees with any question about Human Resourceand Payrollbusiness processes should be directed to the Human Resource office at x3560.

Login Information

When the HR Direct system is live, you will be able to accessyour datafrom anywhere you can connect to the internet. All you will need is your campus email user ID and password to securely connect. More information is available in this short fact sheet.

HR Direct Login Fact Sheet.pdf

Be sure to update your email password to comply with campus policy if you have not done this already.

One Month Until HR Direct Go-Live

HR Direct Logosmall.JPGWell there is just over one month before the new HR Direct will become available. Over the next few weeks there will be much more posted in terms of quick hits of information about topics such as logging in, understanding the navigation, and reviewing your paycheck. Additionally, throughout this month the staff members who perform time data entry will be participating in classroom training.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new HR Direct system be sure to ask. You can post on this blog or you can email me directly at .

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