Need More Information? Have Questions or Suggestions?

Through this project website and blog we are attepting to keep the Lowell campus users updated and informed about the changes occuring with the HR system upgrade. If you have any suggestions, commments, or questions please post a comment to this entry.

5 thoughts on “Need More Information? Have Questions or Suggestions?

  1. Hello, when I log into HR Direct I get a message saying that the sight may not be secure. Why is that?

  2. The HR Direct application will allow employees to securely retrieve a copy of their pay advice. At this time there is no plan to eliminate the paper copy although it has been suggested by a few staff members. Certainly it would be a money saver as in addition to actual printing costs, there is a lot of resource time spent printing, sorting, and distributing these advice messages.
    We suspect some employees will want to continue to receive this printed copy as there are still employees who receive a paper check. Perhaps an approach will be to offer employees the ability to opt-in/opt-out of the printed pay advice. Thoughts?

  3. Great suggestion. We will make edits to this right away and new versions will be posted by April 16th.

  4. Don’t know if this is a money saving idea for UML or for UMass or even if it is doable for us. My wife works for Westford Public Schools and her pay is direct deposited. Instead of receiving a piece of paper she gets an email with a PDF attachment of the Advice. Opening the PDF is password protected.

  5. Can the timesheets be revised to make them more ‘fax friendly’. The current dark row for dates is difficult to read when printed and disappears if faxed.

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