What is changing with HR Direct?

As we get ready to go-live with HR Direct in a couple weeks there are just a couple things most employees should expect to change right away:

    1. Timesheets — Although mostly aesthetic there are new timesheets for those employees who currently complete them. Visit HR Forms to download the most recent version. The layout of this new form will assist those who perform the data entry of reported time.
    2. Employee Self Service – This optional tool is meant to introduce employees to self-service functionality — there is no requirement to use this for any HR business. Employees will still receive a paper pay advice on the appropriate Friday’s using the same distribution process in effect today.

Employees who have previously done data entry into empac HR, have all been invited to training and most have completed it.

Employees with any question about Human Resourceand Payrollbusiness processes should be directed to the Human Resource office at x3560.

2 thoughts on “What is changing with HR Direct?

  1. Thank you for the suggestion. We are going to add this to the forms to allow you to continue with your business practice.

  2. The new “aesthetic” timesheets do not allow users or supervisors to electronically sign the sheets.
    At the Library, we have been submitting electronic timesheets for over a year with no difficulties, but the new sheets have no place for an electronic signature. Please consider adding this option as soon as possible on either the MS Word or a PDF version of the timesheet. It should be fairly easy to do it on the MS Word form, just unlock the signature and date lines.
    Thank you.

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