12/22/09 – Holiday Week Time Reporting and Approval

Most campus employees will not be working the week between Christmas and New Year’s. As such, all are encouraged to report time for both weeksin the pay periodbefore you leave for the break.

For those employees using HR Direct time reporting self-service, there is nosystem change in the deadlines to report. Employees have until Sunday, January3rd @ 5:00 to report their time in HR Direct. Managers/Approvers can approve time until Monday, January4th @ 11:59 PM (Midnight). (NOTE: Managers can only begin to approve time afterthe Time Administration process runs. The first time that is run each pay period is on the Wednesday morning of the first week. Managerscan begin approving time on Wednesday afternoon – 12/23 -around 3:00pm.)

Department managers with employees using time & labor self-service may wish to set an earlier deadline for their staff to report time. As a reminder, the deadline for employees to make changes is one day prior to when you can approve them. Hence, if you wish to approve on Thursday, your employees should report time by Wednesday.

Contact Information:

HR Direct Login support ‘ IT Help Desk (x4357) — PLEASE NOTE there are special holiday hours in effect. Their hours are: Closed on 12/24, 12/31; Open on 12/28, 12/29, 12/30 from 10:00 ‘ 2:00pm

HR/Payroll; Time Reporting Policy – Human Resources (x3560)

HR Direct Application Functionality ‘ Administrative Systems Integration (Norma Clark x4764 or Richard Conley x4794)

12/11/09 Conflict of Interest Law NOW in HR Direct

Starting on Friday,Dec. 11all faculty and staff using HR Direct will be provided with a link to navigate to the State’s Ethic’s Commissions Conflict of Interest Law page. Recent amendment to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Conflict of Interest Law, M.G.L. c.268A, requires that all faculty and staff receive a copy of a summary of the Law each year and submit an acknowledgement of receipt of the summary.

UMass has set up HR Direct to capture each employee’s acknowledgement. This will be presented to employees annually, but will not be required during every single login to HR Direct. Employees are encouraged to review the law summary and acknowledge receipt the first time they see this information presented. An email confirmation will be sent to Human Resources for personnel file recordsand a copy will be also sent to the employee. NOTE: Employees do not need to print out the summary or sign any paper document — this acknowledgement is done electronically.

New faculty and staff must comply within thirty (30) days of hire.

Within HR Direct employees can navigate to this Conflict of Interest page via employee self-service. The path is Self Service > Personal Information > COIAcknowledgement.

See an Example of Acknowledgement.