New QuickAddress Selection Feature

Please see the attached document for details regarding new functionality being rolled out for HR Direct self-service users. This new addressvalidation system has been used within the iSiS applicaiton for a couple years with great success.

Having this type of solution in place provides real cost savings to the University as the quality of address data is significantly improved. This in turn allows for greater delivery rates of University mailings and a reduction in wasteful printing and postage.

HR Direct QuickAddress Selection Fact Sheet.pdf

New Password Management Self-Service

The Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce the availability of a new Self-Service Password Management tool called “myPassword” to securely manage your email account password. After creating a myPassword profile, you can instantly reset or change your password in compliance with UML Password Requirements.

In addition to email/webmail, employees & students can already use their email address and password to access the Emergency Notification System, library resources, the wireless network, Echo360 lecture capture, and other business applications like HR Direct, e*mpac Finance System, and Summit reporting.

Plans are underway to soon use these same email credentials to access iSiS and the Online Housing Gateway.

Create a myPassword profile and reset your password TODAY!


    • Reset your password if you’ve forgotten it. There’s no need to contact the Help Desk for future password resets!
    • Create challenge and response questions to verify your identity.
    • Always available 24×7 all year long from any computer with an internet connection.
    • Get automated email notifications when your password has been changed or when your password is close to expiring.
    • Keeps your password the same for all services like email, wireless, emergency notifications, and library services. iSiS logins using your email address will be available Later this year.
    • You can choose your own password or let the system generate one for you.
    • Quickly and securely unlock your account due to incorrect password entries.
    • Works seamlessly with Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox