UPDATED: 1/22/13 Issue with Personal Time on 1/18 Pay Advice

Due to an issue loading Personal Time in HR Direct, employees may notice that the Personal time on the January 18th pay advice reflects last year’s 2012 personal time award.

A fix is being applied and employees will see the updated 2013 award on the2/1 payadvice OR within a couple days on the HR Direct self-service employee timesheet.An update to this message will be made once the correctinformation is posted in HR Direct.

UPDATE 1/22/13 -Balances have been updated and are available on the HR Direct self-service timesheet. Employees will also see corrected balances on the 2/1 pay advice.

1/7/13 Update Addrees to ensure receipt of year-end tax documents

Year-end tax documents (W-2’s and 1042-S forms) will be mailed out in the next few weeks. It is important that your address in HR Direct is current to ensure you receive these documents in a timely manner. Please log into HR Direct to verify and update, if needed, the address on file. The path to review and update your address is:

Self Service > Personal Information > Home and Mailing Address

If you need assistance, please see the folllowing job aid:

1/4/13 Information on Paycheck Deductions

Paycheck deductions for 1/4/2013

Employees who normally have Parking or GIC deductions (Basic Health, Long Term Disability, Optional Life Insurance) in their paycheck will see that those deductions are not present in their paycheck that is being distributed on 1/4/2013. This pay date is the third pay date in a month and earnings are not subject to these deductions.