2011 Holiday Closing Information

Staff members who wish to participate in the voluntary closings must use available vacation or personal leave time, consistent with their collective bargaining agreements or personnel policies. Employees also may take the time off without pay, if they have not accrued sufficient vacation or personal time or otherwise choose to do so.The university will be officially observing the holidays on Monday December 26th (for Christmas holiday December 25th) and on Monday January 2nd 2012 (For New Year’s January 1st 2012).

Employees who have not accrued sufficient vacation or personal time and need to take time off with no pay should enter the time reporting code of NOP (No Pay).

Employees are encouraged to report their time as early as possible and time can be reported prior to the start of the leave.

I thought Summit was for Finance?

Summit for HR, really?

Summit is not just for Finance. Summit is UMass’ enterprise reporting application that will be used for human resource reporting starting this fall. And soon there will also be dashboards available for reporting on data in iSiS and eventually out of Advancement.

What is Summit?

Summit isthe next generation of reporting tools. It providesusers witha single reporting application to access data across multiple environments such as Finance and Human Resources. Data is displayed in table or graph formats through the use of dashboards.

Summit is a collaborative project across the UMass System. While the first version of the dashboards are developed through input from a small group of campus users, this is atool that will becontinuously evolving and improving based upon feedback from allend users.

So what is in the Human Resource Dashboard?

Department managers will soon get access to see a new Human Resource (HR) Dashboard within Summit. This dashboard will provide users with information such as:

  • Leave balances and utilization
  • Views of dates contracts and encumbrances are ending
  • Listing of staff members and keypersonnel data(ex. job code, title, department, salary)
  • View of department transactions and payroll for each pay period

Who has access to the HR Dashboard?

There are just a few pilot users currently using this dashboard. The intention is to soon roll this out to a number of managers, as by virtue of their role in the organization should have access to this data. Eventually, we will also be able to provide other users access upon authorization from their manager. In all cases, we need to carefully review security configurations to ensure persons receive theappropriate access.

Who to contact with Questions?

Questions about the Summit application can be directedto Richard Conley, IT Project Manager — (x4794). Rich will work with the respective business offices and project team on any of the feedback or questions that are presented.