11/29/10 Incorrect Pay Advices Printed/Distributed for payday 11/26

It has come to our attention that some pay advices have been printed incorrectly. If any employee is using direct deposit and still has their pay advice printed, some of the advices for 11/26/2010 were printed incorrectly. What was distributed to us were the advices for the 11/12/10 pay period. If this happened to you please go on line in HR Direct to see or print your correct advice and the correct amount deposited. You will be looking at a PDF of your pay advice. In order to look at PDFs you have to turn off ‘Pop-Up Blocker’ under Tools in your menu bar.

The Navigation in HR Direct is:

Select from Menu: Self Service> Payroll and Compensation>View Paycheck

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.