4/23/10 – New Process for Managers to Approve Student Employee Time

UMass Lowell continues to push toward the implementation of industry best practices in the area of Human Resources and Payroll. Employee self-service is one such feature that we have been pursuing.

Currently all employees have access to the HR Direct system to see their Human Resource and Payroll data including the biweekly pay advice. Many campus employees and managers are actively using HR Direct to report and approve time.

Student Employee Time Approval

Our next big challenge will be transitioning all student employees and managersover to a self-service time reporting and approval process. We realize this is a significant change and have listened to feedback from users across the campus. As such, we have altered our original plan to roll out all student time reporting access this semester and instead will take a slower and more deliberate transition approach. The first step in this transition is for us to provide access and training support to all student employee managers to get them comfortable with the HR Direct self-service time approval process. Additionally, we need to validate that we have student employees reporting to the correct managers.

What is changing and when?

Starting this pay period (ending 4/24/10), we are asking managers to temporarily do a second layer of approval for their students. This new approval will occur within the HR Direct system and will eventually replace the paper signature process. Our goal is to ensure managers have access and are comfortable using the HR Direct system before we change the process further.

The newapproval process flow looks something like this:

  1. Student hourly employees will continue to report time using paper timesheets.
  2. Managers approve the timesheets as you do today.
  3. Timekeepers will enter student time into HR Direct
  4. Managers use HR Direct to approve student time. (NEWSTEP)
    • Managers approve student time in HR Direct. This is the same process you follow to approve time for other employees.
    • During this transition, unapproved time will continue to be “batch approved” at the end of the pay period. This will ensure students will get paid even if a manager does not approve time by the deadline.
    • Student employees will be included in the late approval reports which are sent from my office to managers who do not complete time approvals online.
    • If you are missing students or see student employees in your approval queue that do not report to you, please notifyHuman Resources(hr@uml.edu– x3560)

    What if I have never used HR Direct to approve time?

    If you only approve time for student employees, then you probably do not have access yet to use HR Direct for self-service time approval. We have approximately 85 managers in this category and you are NOT expected to do HR Direct approvals this pay period. You will receive a separate email by the end of April with information on your next steps.

    Pilot Departments Wanted

    We plan to pilot student employee self-service time reporting with a few departments later this year. This will entail student employees entering time via self-service and managers doing approvals online. If your department is interested in joining the pilot please contact Richard Conley (Richard_Conley@uml.edu x4794) or Theresa McDonald (Theresa_McDonald@uml.edu x3534) .

    The HR Direct web page (http://www.uml.edu/hrdirect ) is always updated with the latest information on system functionality, time reporting procedures, and deadlines.

    Questions and Contact Information

    Information on Human Resource, Payroll, and Time Reporting processes and policies can be directed to the Office ofHuman Resources athr@uml.edu or x3560

    HR Direct system functionality should be directed to Richard Conley (X4794)or Norma Clark(X4764)

4/22/10 EARTH DAY: Announcing new self-service functionality

Human Resources celebrates Earth Day 2010 by announcing expanded self-service functionality for all UMass Lowell employees. These new ‘green’ services allow employees direct access to view and update much personal and job data, thereby eliminating the need for paper based processes.

Starting in May you will get access to the following new features to enhance your HR Direct Employee Self Service (ESS) experience:

Direct Deposit Information (Enroll, View, Update)

Address Information (View and Update)

W4 and M4 Information (View and Update)

W-2/W-2c Information (View and Print)

Personal E-mail Information (View and Update)

Personal Phone Information (View and Update)

This is all in addition to current functionality such as viewing pay advices online; updating emergency contacts; and the ongoing transition to self-service time reporting.

Read more about all the new functionality coming in May

–> HR Direct Whats New.pdf

4/1/10 – Mandatory Ethics Requirement for All Public Employees ‘ State Ethics Commission On-Line Training Program

The following information has alsobeen communicated through UML Today and Email to all UMass Lowell employees.

Employees are encouraged to do this training as soon as possible. There is no penalty for not completing it by April 2.

To: Faculty, Staff, andUndergraduate & Graduate Student Employees

From: Jack Giarusso, Executive Director of Human Resources

Re: Mandatory Ethics Requirement for All Public Employees ‘ State Ethics Commission On-Line Training Program

Date: March 29, 2010

The MA Legislature and Governor passed legislation, Chapter 28 of the Acts of 2009, imposing mandatory ethics education and training for all public employees. The mandatory training requirement of the Act requires that all University employees must complete a State Ethics Commission on-line ethics training program by April 2, 2010, and again every two years thereafter.

University employees hired after April 2, 2010 must complete this training within 30 days of beginning Universityemployment and again every two years thereafter. The on-line training program takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete. The training consists of 25 hypothetical situations involving potential conflicts of interest or other violations of the state ethics law and test general ethics knowledge and the basic requirements in matters like accepting gratuities, self-dealing and nepotism, confidentiality, and post-retirement restrictions.

To access the State Ethic Commission on-line training program, visit http://db.state.ma.us/ethics/quiz_MEthics/index.asp. Upon completing the on-line training program you will receive a certificate of completion. Please print out the completion certificate and mail the certificate to Human Resources, Dugan Hall, Room 200. You should also retain a copy for your records. You may also fax your completion certificate to 978-934-3036, or e-mail a scanned version of your completion certificate to HR@uml.edu.

Employees who lack regular access to a computer at their worksite may use workstations in the Human Resources Office in Dugan Hall, Room 200 to take the on-line training program. Employees who are unable to comply with the on-line training program requirements because of limited English fluency, reading comprehension, or special needs should contact Human Resources.

Employees on leaves of absence will be required to complete the on-line training program when they return back to work. Please contact Human Resources at 978-934-3560 if you have any questions about the mandatory on-line ethics training program requirement for public employees.

While the on-line training program is comprehensive, no training can cover all of the difficult ethical issues that could be encountered. The State Ethics Commission provides free, confidential legal advice about how the law applies in a particular situation. I encourage you to seek legal advice from the State Ethics Commission at 617-371-9500 and/or the Division of Human Resources if you face a potential conflict of interest.

Additional information regarding this new mandatory education and training requirement may be found at the State Ethics Commissions website at: http://www.uml.edu/ethicsed.