M2D2 and UMass Medical School receive $7.9M NIH grant to fuel new center assisting medical-device entrepreneurs

Innovation initiative aims to transform patient care

LOWELL, Mass. – Entrepreneurs working to improve the lives and promote the independence of patients may soon benefit from an initiative run by the Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2).

A joint partnership between UMass Lowell and UMass Medical School in Worcester, M2D2 is a business incubator that helps medical-device and biotech startups bridge the gap between idea and market.

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An M2D2 Success Story with LaunchPad’s Rob Shea

Meet Rob Shea, 25-year-old product development engineer at LaunchPad Medical and recent UMass Lowell graduate. He currently contributes to the exciting research and development of the first bone adhesive to treat fractured bone and stabilize metal hardware—or “Bone Glue”—which he says will hopefully be headed toward clinical trials soon. All that being said, it’s hard to believe that only a few years ago, Rob was working in sales, under the belief that he didn’t have a chance to do the type of work he was truly passionate about.

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Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Healthcare Converge September 13th at M2D2 Workshop

Originally the province of the financial services industry, blockchain technology is now finding its place in the life sciences and healthcare field as well. Likewise, artificial intelligence and wide-ranging health economics and outcomes research are gaining traction and demonstrating their potential for clinical and economic impact to providers, payors, and healthcare decision-makers—allowing for efficient market access and a competitive edge.

A half-day medical affairs workshop on Thursday, September 13th will shed light on these and other topics from the frontiers of medical technology. Hosted by UMass M2D2 in Lowell, the session is open to all healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, investors and industry experts. Light breakfast, lunch, and ice cream will be served.

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APPLICATIONS OPEN! BARDA DRIVe Offering Funding Opportunity for Revolutionary Technologies and Innovations in Health Security

Too often, people do not receive adequate and timely treatment for infectious diseases. We either do not seek care, or do so many days late, leading to severe illness, and transmission of infectious agents within the household, at the workplace, and in communities.

As a DRIVe program incubator, M2D2 is excited to spread the word that DRIVe, under their E.N.A.C.T. program, is now offering grant funding to startups who are working on game-changing technologies and novel innovations in health security. Continue reading

M2D2 Receives Grant to Accelerate Innovation for U.S. Health Security

U.S. HHS has awarded $500,000 grant to M2D2.This is great news for medtech innovators. It was announced at the BIO International Convention yesterday that M2D2 was chosen by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to drive innovation in the health security space. We will be driving innovation in lifesaving medical technologies that solve challenging problems spanning modern health security threats and daily medical care.

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