Celebrating Innovation: Reliving the 2024 $200K Challenge

The $200K Challenge 2024, held at the iHub in Lowell, has left an lasting impression on the landscape of entrepreneurial innovation. For the first time in its history, the $200K Challenge was SOLD OUT, highlighting the fervor and enthusiasm surrounding groundbreaking ideas in healthcare and life sciences. 15 finalists, numerous experts and investors, and countless industry members joined us to support the continued advancement of medical technology.

Listening to familar speakers, a timely keynote address and…jazz?

This year featured a few familiar faces. Scott Latham acted as event MC, introducing the finalists, and reminding many of us how far the $200K Challenge has come. Dr. Latham mentioned how “15 years ago, the Challenge sponsor was Tony’s Auto Repair” which pales in comparison to the impressive 2024 Challenge sponsors, including BARDA, MLSC, Hologic and many more.

Ibraheem Badejo returned to the challenge as our esteemed keynote speaker, discussing a well-timed topic “Be Prepared to Introduce Your Innovation to J&J Medtech” with moderator Jeff Champagne. He shared valuable insights for aspiring healthcare entrepreneurs and long-time innovators alike; highlighting the importance of joining a community that builds, grows and continually expands its impact.

The newest addition to the 2024 $200K Challenge? We featured music by Blue Taxi, which filled the event space with smooth, welcoming jazz.

Meeting the visionaries: winners of the $200K Challenge.

First Place: Relavo Medical took the coveted first place with their revolutionary disinfecting connection device aimed at reducing infection risks associated with dialysis. Their innovation promises a significant impact on patient safety and healthcare efficiency.

Second Place: EndoShunt Medical secured the second spot with their innovative hemorrhage control device, offering a minimally invasive solution for creating size-adjustable channels within critical vessels like the IVC or aorta.

Third Place: Neuraura clinched the third position with their low-frequency electrostimulation device designed to alleviate symptoms associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), offering hope to countless individuals battling this condition.

Special recognition and cash awards from select sponsors.

  • M2D2 $25K Cash Award – Nucyrna Therapeutics received accolades for their oligonucleotide platform, paving the way for advanced RNA-targeting therapeutics targeting CNS disorders.
  • Massachusetts Life Sciences Center $50K Award – Lilypad Health was recognized for their menstrual pad add-on that screens for high-risk HPV, HIV, and other STDs, exemplifying innovation in preventive healthcare.

Supporting tomorrow’s innovators.

In addition to the top winners, several finalists received substantial support and recognition from esteemed event sponsors. These include AIRS Medical, Armor Medical Inc, Calliope Biophysics, Cellens Inc, EndoShunt Medical, GenAssist, and others, all contributing to fostering the growth and development of these pioneering startups.

Congratulations to the visionaries, and thank you to all who joined us!

The 2024 $200K Challenge truly celebrated the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare and life sciences. Congratulations to all the winners, finalists, and participants who showcased their dedication and creativity. Your contributions are instrumental in shaping the future of healthcare, and we eagerly anticipate the transformative impact of your ideas on patient care and well-being.

Let’s continue to support and champion these trailblazers as they embark on their journey to redefine possibilities and make a lasting difference in the world of medical technology.

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Thank you to the 2024 $200K Sponsors!