Recap & Takeaways: Venture Funding Happy Hour at M2D2

We were delighted to see an SRO crowd of approximately 100 people at our Venture Funding Happy Hour on February 4. This event provided a way for local life science business financing experts to share their expertise with startups. While they offered countless pieces of important advice, the four speakers continued to hammer on one very key piece of information: You need both the science AND someone with the business smarts.

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Catching up with $200K Challenge Winner Drug Free Therapeutix

Drug Free Therapeutix DFTx

In April of 2018, the Indianapolis-based life sciences startup Drug Free Therapeutix (DFTx) was named a winner of the 7th annual M2D2 $200K Challenge. Their innovation: a universal neurostimulation dosing system for pain management. The 2020 Challenge is coming up in March, and because we’re always interested in the progress of past winners, we reached out to DFTx CEO Stephen Hourigan to get an update.

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Catching up with $200K Challenge Winner Respirix

Respirix was a winner in the 2019 M2D2 $200K Challenge

Last April, San Francisco-based startup Respirix was named a first-place winner at the 8th annual M2D2 $200K Challenge. Led by CEO Eric Kriegstein, Respirix won the first Boston Scientific Award for their non-invasive cardiac monitor for congestive heart failure patients. With the 2020 Challenge right around the corner, we checked in with Eric to see what’s happened at Respirix over the last year.

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For 2020, Deshpande Foundation Again Sponsoring India-based $200K Challenge Finalists

Team India at the 2019 M2D2 $200K Challenge Pitch-Off
Team India’s jerseys won serious style points at the 2019 Challenge Pitch-Off!

For the second year, the Deshpande Foundation has announced it will sponsor up to three early-stage India-based life sciences companies that are chosen as finalists in the M2D2 $200K Challenge. This generous sponsorship will cover all travel and housing expenses for those teams, as well as tours around the Massachusetts life sciences innovation ecosystem and introductions to potential mentors and investors. 

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The 2020 M2D2 $200K Challenge is Here!

Judges at the 2019 M2D2 $200K Challenge
The Challenge’s judges represent major global life sciences players.

The $200K Challenge is back for its ninth consecutive year! Hosted by M2D2, this event focuses on identifying and rewarding disruptive companies in the medical technology and biotechnology industries. We want to see your innovations brought to life.

Every year we receive scores of entries (nearly 150 in 2019) from life sciences entrepreneurs worldwide. India, China, and Australia are just a few of the many countries involved in the 2019 200K Challenge. Last year, our judges selected 12 winners—a Challenge record!

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M2D2 Resident Company Allergy Amulet’s CEO Named One of 2019’s 100 Coolest People in Food and Drink

Allergy Amulet CEO Abigail Barnes

M2D2 resident companies continue to make news in 2019. In June, Business Insider ranked the 100 most influential and interesting people in the food and drink industry. This list includes other notable names, like Sarah Kauss, founder of S’well, Meghan Markle, and Andy Levitt, founder of Purple Carrot. Abigail Barnes, CEO of Allergy Amulet, was listed at number 22! She was recognized for developing the Allergy Amulet, and the positive impact this food sensor will have for people managing food allergies.

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M2D2 Resident Company LaunchPad Medical Approved for FDA Clinical Studies

Last week, another M2D2 resident company achieved a significant milestone. LaunchPad Medical received approval from the FDA to start a clinical study examing the safety and success of their bone adhesive biomaterial, Tetranite®.

About LaunchPad Medical

LaunchPad Medical, Inc. is primarily involved with the development of an injectable, self-setting osteoconductive bone adhesive material (Tetranite®). While the company’s focus is to use this technology within the dental market, they have also been working on developing adhesive applications for a larger scope of the orthopedics market. 

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RQMIS Inc. Announces UMass M2D2 Sponsorship

M2D2, its resident companies, and the medical device and biotech innovation community in Lowell and Worcester are pleased to welcome RQMIS Inc. as an M2D2 Platinum Corporate Sponsor.

Based in Amesbury, Massachusetts and with sister companies in the UK and Spain, RQMIS provides therapeutically focused, comprehensive regulatory consultation to the global medical device, pharmaceutical, combination product, dietary supplement and human tissue industry. As part of its M2D2 Sponsorship, RQMIS will participate in the $200K Challenge, including the call for applications, applicant screening, and judging the final competition showcase. Regularly throughout the year, RQMIS will offer educational sessions and host office hours to provide mentoring and share insights with M2D2 resident start-up companies.

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M2D2 Resident Company Glyscend Receives New Funding from Breakout Labs

This year has brought many exciting achievements for M2D2 resident companies—and here’s one more. Glyscend, a polymer therapeutics company focused on revolutionizing Type 2 diabetes treatment, has been named one of two startup labs selected to receive funding from Breakout Labs. Glyscend operates facilities at both M2D2 in Lowell and at the Johns Hopkins Fast Forward facility in Baltimore.

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