Meet International MedTech Forum Presenter: Nesa Medtech

Nesa Medtech will present at the 2020 International MedTech Forum

As we count down the days to our first International MedTech Forum, we’d like you to meet another Indian Finalist, Nesa MedTech, who will be pitching their idea on Thursday, October 8.

Nesa Medtech is transforming women’s health by developing novel minimally invasive, safe, effective, and uterus-preserving technology to treat uterine fibroids. We talked with their Founder & CEO, Sreekar Kothamachu to learn about their journey.

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[VIDEO] 2020 $200K Challenge Pitch-Off Recap 

Finalists for the 2020 M2D2 $200K Challenge have been announced.

Last Thursday, September 17, we were pleased to virtually welcome nearly 250 entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, academics, and students to our 9th annual $200K Challenge Pitch-Off. While the pandemic kept us from gathering, networking, and seeing the 15 pitches and posters in person as in years past, virtual meeting technology literally transformed the Pitch-Off into an international event, with attendees able to take part from anywhere. Here’s our recap: 

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