Getting ready Winter 2019 Session!

Had a taste of typical south Indian cuisine last night! This was in preparation for the upcoming Winter 2019 Study Abroad – Hubli, India. This will be our 6th session since starting the program in 2014. We will have 13 students and 2 faculty travelling to Hubli on December 27. Students from NUPT China will join along with KLE Tech Univ. Expect another amazing experience for students!


Travel and study entrepreneurship and innovation with UMass Lowell’s Manning School of Business. Undergraduate and graduate students welcome.

Students will travel to Hubli, India with Professor Ashwin Mehta and Michael Ciuchta to KLE Technological University to learn alongside KLE students and immerse themselves in entrepreneurial mindsets and cultural influences on decision-making. From Hubli, students will travel to Chennai and Pondicherry and experience historical and cultural India!

This course is worth 3 credits and is designed to help students understand the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in today’s global economy and to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among the students in the Manning School of Business. It will cover different forms of entrepreneurship such as small businesses, growth ventures, corporate entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. The course will focus on innovation types, turning innovation into reality and the process of entrepreneurship. Innovation and entrepreneurship theories and concepts will be discussed with real life examples and cases.