Once In a Lifetime Experience – Sushanti Orphanage

The first two weeks in Hubli could not have been better. The projects were going great and we were all having a great time. At the end of the two weeks there was some hard goodbyes for everybody, and we all were reflecting on our experiences over the past weeks that we’ll remember forever.

                Before leaving Hubli, a few of us went to a local orphanage to donate our profits from the 500-rupee challenge. In total we raised about 35,000 rupees as a group. After walking to the front gate and haggling a handful of rickshaw drivers looking for the best price for a ride, we took off knowing very little about what we were about to do. It was always a real thrill taking the rickshaws, weaving at high speeds in and out of traffic, not knowing if you’ll make it to your destination – they were a lot of fun. Once we arrived, we looked around confused for a while, but eventually found the gate in and waited in the office for the man who runs it to get the kids situated. We walked into an old classroom where 30 or so little kids sat staring at us, amazed. Neither us or them knew what to expect from this. They were being very respectful and quiet at first, unlike your typical little kids, but once we tried to make it fun for them, playing games, music and running around, they let loose and were having a great time. We decided to go across the street and buy a bunch of lollipops and chocolates so each of the children felt like they got a little something. The girls were playing games and doing one another’s hair, while I was playing catch with a bunch of the boys. I would throw it out and they would all battle it out for it, while the younger kids would come up to me and ask if they could borrow the ball, then continue to run away, time after time. They were still learning English, but I figured they were saying something along those lines after it happened a few times. I showed them a few videos of Tom Brady at work after they saw him on the background of my phone and were curious. Some kids were shouting his name by the end of our time here. It was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip and an unbelievable experience I am very happy to be a part of.