See you later India

After a great two weeks in Hubli, we flew across to Chennai. Chennai was more of a city then Hubli and had traffic like you couldn’t imagine. After a short drive from the airport, we arrived at an amazing hotel. We were welcomed with shell necklaces by the hotel staff and put in a real high-quality room, it was a great entrance.

Everyone was sad that they had to leave their new friends in Hubli, but we still got up early the next day to start the tourist side of the trip. We saw a bunch of beautiful, colorful Churches and Temples that were built hundreds of years ago by hand. They were amazing. We got up the next morning and got on the bus to Pondicherry, making stops along the way at popular attractions. The sites were all amazing, drawings and buildings carved into rocks – things I’ve never seen before. I really enjoyed driving from Chennai to Pondicherry. Just looking out the window was amazing, seeing small villages with goats, cows and bulls everywhere, palm tree fields – it was cool to see. Once we got to Pondicherry, it had a different feel to it then both Hubli and Chennai, almost a European feel to it on some streets, but of course still with the crazy traffic and scooters everywhere. Pondicherry was on the water, and we took a trip to an island one day which was a lot of fun.

It was hard to leave India and I can’t wait to get back there some day. The entire trip was a huge success in my eyes and Professor Ashwin Mehta and Professor Mike Ciuchta could not have done a better job. Thank you for making this happen for us and for our university. It was great. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone and I will never forget the friends or the memories made while in India. I strongly believe this trip changed me for the better and anyone would be lucky to have the experience we had.