Until Next Time

As class drew to the end, it felt like time had flown by. One of my most memorable experiences is visiting a local orphanage to donate the money we raised from the 500 rupee challenge activity in class. I was unsure of what to expect when we arrived at the orphanage. We first walked into the office and met a man who was in charge there to explain how we had raised the money we were donating. He then insisted that we meet the children so he led us into another room. There, all the children sat down in front of us and took turns introducing themselves. Right off the bat, I could tell that they were extremely nervous. After we introduced ourselves and explained why we were there, we started to interact with them. At first, it was hard because we did not speak the same language and they were very shy. But, before long I discovered that the girls liked playing hand-clapping games so I taught them some games that I knew and they taught me a few themselves. Before I knew it an hour had past and it was time to go. Before we left they showed me their bedrooms and were calling me deedee which I was told means elder sister in Hindi. I was so glad to have visited the orphanage because it made me feel like a kid again to play games with them. 


With a tearful goodbye, we left the Indian students in Hubli and ventured off to Chennai. We spent the next few days on an awesome tour bus making stops at historical sights and fantastic views. One of my favorite places we visited was the beach because we took a boat to get there. I loved sitting in the boat and looking at the coastline. When we got to the beach there was coconuts for sale, horseback riding available, and even a spa for your feet that had the little fish that exfoliate your skin. We all ran around on the edge of the water and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. Now looking back, this is a simple memory that I will remember for a lifetime. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to make memories like this with unforgettable people.