Our Time with Street Vendors

After our two-week class ended we had to say goodbye our new friends and travel to Chennai. The cultural phrases and slang picked up from working with an international team were crucial to avoid getting scammed in Chennai. Everywhere we went dozen of street vendors would come chasing after us and would try to sell us something. After having a minor experience with this in Hubli, the group and myself were able to avoid falling for their traps. On the last day in Pondicherry a vendor came up to me and tried to sell me fake RayBans he kept trying to put them in my hand and with every step I took and tried to genuinely walk away, he kept lowering the price. “1200 rupees, bhaiya(translated: brother)”, then “1000 rupees, bhaiya” and then “400..300”. I was not interested and regardless of how many times I said no, he would keep following me around the market. Ultimately I found the only way to get him to leave me alone was say an absurdly low amount and watch him walk away from us. I responded to his sales pitch with 10 rupees. Although this was a brutal and rude way of getting him to stop pestering us, it ended up working. Our time in Chennai was a blast and I would love to go back!