Make Your Own Bouquet Bar 5/3/22

Senior Melodie Armand building a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

On May 3rd, 2022, our office collaborated with the Office of Sustainability on a “Build Your Own Bouquet Bar” event.

Research has demonstrated that flowers help to relieve stress, boost mood, and improve focus. The added benefit of making your own bouquet is practicing mindfulness and connecting with others.

The flowers we used were locally sourced from The Flower Mill, which not only allowed us to support a local business, but had a low carbon footprint, making it a more sustainable practice.

Flowers sourced from The Flower Mill!

Students swarmed the University Crossing Atrium as soon as the flowers were put out. We ran out of flowers within 20 minutes!

The students appreciated being able to take some time away from finals to de-stress and create a beautiful bouquet of flowers for themselves.

Chancellor Moloney stopped by and thanked us for brightening the students’ days!

Given all of the positive feedback from students, we will definitely be hosting this event again in the future.

Self-Care Celebration 4/29/22

Boogie & Oakley- Therapy Dogs at the Fox Common!

On Friday, April 29th, 2022, Cheyenne Bryan, Graduate Fellow in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership, hosted the first annual Self-Care Celebration in Fox Common- and the Office of Student Life and Well-being wasn’t going to miss it!

Cheyenne had a section blocked off for therapy dogs, Boogie and Oakley to relax and cuddle with students (and they were the stars of the show). Being around therapy dogs helps to improve one’s mental health and boost self-esteem and communication. Thanks Boogie and Oakley for doing that for our students!

University Dining provided a healthy meal of chicken, rice, and sweet potatoes, and Student Activities had “DIY Zen Gardens” for students to take!

Our office had knitting materials, DIY Essential Oil Blends, and Green Tea samples for students, all things that help to induce relaxation and support mental health.

There was peaceful music playing in the background and students were all smiles as they circled through the event. It was so relaxing and fun for the students, staff (and dogs) who attended.

We will definitely be collaborating on this event again in the future.

Thanks so much Cheyenne!