What To Do After Finals

By: Sai Igiede, Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences Well-being Leader

Hey, it is Sai again, your trusty well-being leader. I hope everything is well with you all.

Today we are going to talk about ways things go after finals.

Student to student here, once I am done with finals, the only thing I can think of is ways to relax. Everyone around me is always so excited to go home or to their friend’s house to de-stress after being in school for about three months. However, we all start to get bored after the first week and then contemplate what to do next. So here are some things my friends and I do to stay relaxed and also have fun.

Calling your friends and Catching Up: After a few weeks of being alone, I often try to stay in touch with as many people as possible. It ranges from college friends to my friends back at home, as long as it is human-to-human interactions. Talking to other people helps me not only enjoy each other’s company during the break but also helps me stay stimulated as many of us including myself go through periods where we do absolutely nothing, so being able to communicate with others is something I find important.

Trying New Things: One thing that I recently tried over the last break that I enjoyed a lot was learning how to play tennis. Any break is a perfect time to start fresh and try new things. Whether it’s a sport or a new type of food, you have the time to do something, you might as well use that time to make yourself feel good. And maybe you find a newfound hobby!

Self-Care :Lastly, self-care is something that everyone should at least attempt, and a break could be the perfect time for you to do so! Here is one thing that I try to do every day to establish a self-care routine.

1. Close your eyes

2. No peeking (lol!)

3. Think about yourself and all of your positive attributes

4. Open your eyes

5. Now write on a sticky note 5 positive characteristics about yourself

6. Repeat this three times and try not to use the same ones

7. Once you have written them, place them on a mirror and or space that you visit often for as long as possible

8. Now you have your affirmation board!

So I hope I gave you some ideas on what you can do over the break and I also hope , they turn out great! 🙂 I know one thing is for sure, is that we will all be sleeping.