The Importance of Taking Breaks

By: Sai Igiede, Zuckerberg College of Sciences Well-being Leader

Hey guys, it’s Sai. As I am writing to whoever is reading, I am taking a long-needed and well-deserved break, and you should too! Even if it’s for a second.

When it comes to breaks, it is important to make sure that you not only give yourself time to relieve stress but also allow yourself the appropriate time to avoid falling behind.

I often ask myself three questions when it comes to taking a break to make sure I am taking not only meaningful ones but also ones that will help me excel later on:

  1. Do I need this break right now or later? If so, which will be more beneficial for me right at this moment?
  2. Will this break have more positive effects than negative ones? If so, how will I make up for the lost time later on?
  3. How do I make sure I successfully get back to work/my main objectives once my break is over? 

These three questions help me balance out whether I need a break, how long the break should be, and what I should be doing before during, and after the break, as well. Being able to listen to your body is something a lot of us (especially in college) don’t do often as we are very hyper-fixated on things like grades and our personal lives, which is very valid. However, we also need to understand that we are human beings with real emotions and know ourselves best So, when you think you need to put down your laptop and breathe in and out even for a second, do it! Regroup yourself, maybe even get a snack, and then resume, and I think you will feel much better.