Lots of Unforgettable Events and moments !!!

We have lot more events happened in past few days:

There was a new start up Biosyl Technologies Pvt Ltd. Sarah DSouza and Amith of BVB Alumni told us their story. When they did their final year Engineering project they felt the need to anaerobic work station for some biological process which equipment is not available in market. This was the ignite point for them to get an idea to build such a workstation and then they demonstrated in many Entrepreneurship Fair and get recognition, won many awards and grants and ultimately done the patent. Apart from that they started to test the food quality like they founded chemicals to identify the adulteration  in milk, depicted about the marketing strategy and customer feedback on packaging and they made almost 50% profit in 3500 kit sold. Now a days, they collaborated with State government to test the various industry level food quality. Their success story and patience really makes us inspired to strive for innovation.


Pavan Shintre from LabinApp, another Alumni of BVB, described his glorious journey and huge grant and recognition like 100,000 dollars. They prepared artificial Lab station for Physics, chemistry and Biology for High School. This is very niche product and 60 school in Karnataka already started to consume this kind of lab. His untiring effort brings an enormous motivation in our mind.

We have visited Akshya Patra. This is a huge automation process which can have capacity for food preparation of 250,000 students even though they are providing food for 140,000 students of Karnataka State schools currently. It costs around Rs. 150,000 per day. 50% of costs sponsored by State government and 50% costs  by Akshay Patra Foundation. This is an height of an social entrepreneurship.

IMG_9382[1] IMG_8992[1]

We have ethnic day celebration too. Almost girls wore traditional Salwar suit or sarees. We have lots of group photos to make it memorable as Chinese, Japanese and American looks totally different in Indian traditional dress.

IMG_9368[1] IMG_9065[1] IMG_9122[1]

We have attended Conference Enabling “Make in India” Challenges and Opportunities for Engineering Education. There was Defense Ministers healthy inspiration speech followed by Dr. R. Natarajan, Prof Lueny Morell, Mr. Xavier, In a nutshell, an Eco System needs to be built to bridge between real world and traditional University providing degree. I am quite lucky that my current University encourages me to follow the suits. I always charged up to test the water before take the theory in my mind. This kind of conference is always helpful to reinvent the wheel about our curricula and make our vision and mission clear that where we need to reach and what are the tools can equipped us to address those upcoming future problems once we reach there. End of the day, I have felt that I got my target track where I need to walk.

IMG_9119[1] IMG_9370[1]

Gururaj Deshpande (“Desh” Deshpande) is an Indian American venture capitalist and entrepreneur, who is best known for co-founding the Chelmsford, MA-based internet equipment manufacturer Sycamore Networks, the Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation at MIT and the Deshpande Foundation. Presently, Deshpande is the Chairman of A123Systems, Sycamore Networks, Tejas Networks, Hive Fire, Sandstone Capital, Sparta Group, and sits on the Board of Airvana. Deshpande is also a Life Member of the MIT Corporation; the Board of Trustees of MIT. Such a high profile person with his wife Jayshree visited our class. It was huge impact on us. He discussed about the learning from each culture and main aspects of this kind of program. He discussed how the difference makers help us to be different. He wants to continue such kind of collaboration.


All those events took the student exchange program in an incredible heights and values.

3 Ideologies 1 Events made the Tour most valuable

The past couple of days drove my mindset into totally different track.

First one is Gaurav Sha. He is the proprietor of Seven beans innovative coffee shop. He is very young dynamic and very energetic to put vive of Entrepreneurship into our mind. He has given an awesome overview about his below 6 keynotes about the “selling of Experience” concept.

1) Ignore the real world

2) Make meaning (Community Concept)

3) Get going and keep going

4) Define a Business Model

5) Scratch your own itch

6) Think 10 times

Second one is New Year Eve Celebration. We had oval shaped common area decorated nicely with 2016 banner. We had DJ at second floor where we have rhythmic group dance with Hollywood, Bollywood dance. We had special cheese (paneer) Manchurian dish for snacks with soft drinks. Then we went for Lantern fire and flying. Near 12 o clock, we did bonfire and cake cutting after the New year touched. As a whole it was very memorable events and we had lots of fun. We even celebrated new year for Japan first and greeted each other New year in Japanese, followed by Chinese, Indian and lastly at Boston EST time.

IMG_8612 IMG_8614 IMG_8625 IMG_8769 IMG_8911 IMG_8913 IMG_8933

Third was our tour at Farm house “Suman Sangam”. Dr Sanjiv was in Gynecology practice for last 25 years. There was a quotation that “It is not only typical Farm house where harvesting is happening, here human is learned to be nature lover”. He showed us how he built this todays farm house with full of green trees from barren land 25 years before. He is Dean of one School at Dharwad. There was a nice mediation room at underground which is very cold peaceful. He stretched on the biodiversity effect to protect from global warming. He has a plan to make his farm house to be rest area for people while in long drive. instead of paying to Costly restaurant, people can get chance to spend time with soil, with nature. He proposed on giving donation for plantation of 1 tree on behalf of sweet memory of passed out some nearest dearest person while leaving the Farm house. In between we have some Chinese, Japanese and Indian songs practice by our students.

IMG_8951 IMG_8969 IMG_8973 IMG_8976

Last but not least was the heart touching encouraging story of Mr. Abhi, the founder of NABROS Consulting firm from Chicago, USA. His HUB for Learning and Innovation (HUBLI) is the IDEA incubator for like-minded kids and adults to brainstorm and build their ideas with the access to expert consulting, events, books, grants, portal and certification. As per him, 3 main words can have real life analogies. Entrepreneurship is the first easy step, it means keep good health. Next is creativity which means build family. The ultimate is Innovation which means adaptability or accepts and update as per situation. He played special guitar made Pablo from Argentina. After that, some of us shared our past experience and new ideas. Abhi gifted his books to UML Library.

IMG_8985 IMG_8989

Thus all 4 most happening events cut a deep marks in my mind, the most valuable part of the course.

Surprise Wedding with 1st day class: Lots of achievements in short tenure

We have good start up today. I like the Tea served in claypot cup. The taste was yummy. We went to Kulkarni Lecture Hall 101 at 9:00 pm. We have nice white T-Shirt distribution with difference Makers logo at the front and KLE Technical University and MSB at the back. Prof Mehta gave us in-depth knowledge on Entrepreneurial concept.

Suddenly we came to know we have been invited for one of our KLE participant’s sisters marriage. We went as a group during our lunch break. It was an awesome experience of typical traditional South Indian Hindu Marriage. We have given flowers in our hand to wish newly married Bride & Grooms. There was some mantras enchanting. At the end of it, everyone threw the flower towards the new couple. Then we were in long procession queue to go to the stage to wish the Bride & groom in person as well as we were lock down into their Video and Photography images. We went for Traditional marriage occasion’s lunch. We have been served with chapatti, rice, vegetables curries, “golab jamun”, “balusai” sweets and very famous and delicious butter milk. There was lots of woman wore traditional sarees and gold made jewelry.

After come back to class, we have been allocated into particular projects with mix of Chinese and KLE different streams students. We have been assigned one presentation task on a daily commodity problem and resolution as well as about project team dynamics. I have fresh sugarcane juice and Coconut water with KLE students, which is incredible in the sense; I never found that in USA.

IMG_8566 IMG_8568 IMG_8569 IMG_8571

Final Journey Day to Hubli 1st Day : Spirit of Entrepreneurship

IMG_8584At last the final day came on Dec 27, 2015.I had already packed the bag and was ready to fly. I had all the check in process at Boston Logan International Airport on time.We stated from Boston for Dubai at 10:20 pm EST. This is very long journey like almost 13 hours. We have reached Dubai on time at 7:25 pm Local Dubai time on Dec 28, 2015. Our next flight was at 9:30 pm from Dubai to Bangaluru and we have landed in India little early like at 2:30 am Early morning on Dec 29, 2015. We are little messy due to 5 hours flight delay. We have good Indian food at Daily Airport Hotel as team. We have relaxed and having lots of fun. We have boarded into our local domestic flight on 12:20 pm and reached at Hubli at 1:40 pm.

It was an amazing experience that group of KLE student was waiting for us and welcomed us with tricolor garland of Indian National Flags color with wining “Tilak”. This is for information: Orange color stands for courage and sacrifice, white stands for peace and green stands for Harvesting. This kind of vive really touched my heart with full of joy and enthusiasm to mingle with local students. We came by bus to Hubli KLE campus. It was 60 acres area with well-organized infrastructure. We have been allocated room into KLE guesthouse with local students accepted for this program along with Chinese students. My roommate is one Chinese student named Haow. He gifted me one hanging Chinese knot which can bring me good luck. We have kick off meeting at 5:30 pm. Prof. Nitin K and Prof Mehta gave spell bound speech on background and Enormous positive experiences of last 4 sessions and their expectations about this 5th Student Exchange Program. It was wind up at 6:00 pm and we had delicious Indian dish at Dinner making the end the day.IMG_8538IMG_8544 IMG_8548 IMG_8550 IMG_8552 IMG_8553 IMG_8556 IMG_8560 IMG_8561 IMG_8564

Super exciting about this journey…counting days…………

Another 15 days to go. We are all busy with our current Fall semester Final. I am one among very few fortunate students from UML, got this astounding opportunity to be part of this program. Hope this concise but intense course will open a complete new vision about real meaning of entrepreneurship. I am Electronics Engineer by profession and Graduate MBA student of UML. I am president of UML MBA Club as well. It was my first click about entrepreneurship mindset when I heard from Prof.  Mehta on UML Graduate Open House about Venture and Innovation. Even though I am MBA student, I was seeking an opportunity to explore myself to fit into this new framework and concept.  At last this opportunity has come in my UML journey. I have met my UML Team at orientation session  for this program. They are so cordial and very friendly. Prof Mehta presented us the activities and ambience about the program and sketched some outlines which make me very excited. Hope this program will quench my thrust for being real life Difference maker  and cut deep marks in my memory for life time. I will share my experience to MBA Club.study-abroad-india-pdf-grab2