The Streets of India

I enjoy walking around cities without anywhere to go, and Hubli is no exception. The first couple of night I was here, the Indian students took us to a mall which was not unlike malls I find at home. The real fun started when we finally visited the street markets spread throughout the city.

Walking through the street markets can lead to many different items to buy from many different people to buy from. Everyone from young boys to old ladies can be found selling food, clothing, pipes, silver, and so on, and it is all for cheap money. I have not tried any of the food they sell, but it certainly smells good enough to eat. The most fun I have is when I am with a small group and we take our time to absorb the scene around us. In these streets I have found authentic gifts to bring home to my friends and family, even if these “authentic” gifts are cheap knock-offs. The markets are one of my favorite parts about being here.

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