Working in the multinational environment







This program provided us a multinational environment. We are working as a team for the project and our team is consisted of 4 Indians, 1 Chinese, and 1 Japanese. In the beginning, we had a difficult time to understand each other but everyone tried to understand each other because we have a same mission and goal. I definitely feel that the clear goal helps us to cooperate together.

Our project is belongs to BVB students therefore, it is required for me to understand many things in first but along with the lectures and having many discussions I could understand. It is also a good chance for me to see one of the industries in India which I have never had a chance to work with.

I am sure that after I go back to Japan, I will constantly check news about economies and industries in India. I would also like to know how the project will be implemented.


It was a great chance for me as I am the one who only had an education in Japan besides online study from UMASS. To be in the class room with students from other countries is an experience. And also a challenge at the same time. Japanese people are tend to be shy and I did not have much chance to do discussion or presentation at school. Therefore I felt a sense of being overwhelmed to be in the class for the first day as so many people spoke out in the class room. However, I have been wanting to improve my presentation skill especially in English. But I know only experience can make me grow, therefore I tried to speak in the class. And I also think my comments would be a good feedback for others as I am the only Japanese in here. I know I need lot more experience and practice to be a good presenter but this program gave a lot of chance for that and I think I am updated.


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