a box of twitter

One of the things that I find rather funny in India is the absences of copy right. I don’t mean this in an odd way, I mean it in it is acutely rather funny. There are things you can do over there for a business that would have you sued so fast in America. It’s an interesting study to jest walk thought a market and find the things that wouldn’t survive in a copyright compliant nation. One of these examples is in the food court of a mall where there is a store called face food. It uses the font and colors of Facebook. Their food wasn’t bad, but they would not last very long here as there logo would violate a bunch of laws. Walking along the markets I also happen to find a few knock offs. Some of them where functional, some not. It was explained to me that most people are willing to pay for a knock off that somewhat works because it is far less expensive and if it breaks in a year or two it costs so little that they can replace it opposed to the more expensive originals. It makes scents. Knock off medical products scare me, but knock off tablets, whatever. I also found at some point a box with the twitter logo on it. It’s clearly not twitter related, I don’t acutely know what’s in it, but I was able to take a photo. From what I could find, many of the knockoffs don’t get outside of India or Asia, and thus the company is only focused on operating and distributing there. If they ever left the country it would be bogged down in so many court battles before the planes landed that it wouldn’t be worth leaving. It is however an interesting trend, and shows the lack of affordable products for some of these things, along with how ways a product can be substituted even by something meant to be it, if not function but brand alone. ^953B11BCD5703D8482C80921A82B6F7FE664C33A2500715176^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

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