India wedding!!

On 30th December 2015, which was the first day of class, we got invited to Indian traditional wedding. That was a big surprised for us as there’s nothing like that mentioned in the syllabus. So after the first section finished at 12 pm, we all went on a school bus. The place called “Gujarat Bhavan”. India wedding is very different from Thai or Christian wedding. It was really clouded and most of the people seems to wear traditional dresses. One of my friend told me that usually they have more people than this. All the eyes were staring at us as we walked in. We walked in the middle of the hall way and went on the stage to wish the couple a good luck. We grab some flowers and through it at them then we took photos with the couple. Once we came down from stage we went straight to the canteen to get some lunch. The food was surprisingly good. I tried every food they have. That was the first time for me and many of us to eat food by hand. Eating rice and curry with bare hand was really hard but I managed to get through it.


After lunch we headed back to school. That was a really good experience. I like going to a wedding,       specially from other culture. After a few days from the wedding I actually went to the library with my friend, Shriya, and we found a book which included pictures of many different kinds of Indian wedding dress. All of them look adorable and it’s amazing how different city have different dresses for their wedding.
 IMG_20151230_123518IMG_20151230_123022 IMG_20151230_123017

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