See you soon

As I am finally able to post these blog posts, I am acutely sitting at home watching the snow fall. I got back recently, and for the first time in half a week can finally connect to the internet with my computer. I find it very odd being back, as I got use to many of the different things in India, for instance food seems so much more expensive now and I’m still wary of drinking tap water. I will admit that this time I was not as sick as the last time I returned home, and it has improved my outlook for going back.  Having been before I can see the changes in the area, both school project wise as well as Hubli itself. The McDonalds wasn’t there last time, In fact a few times when walking we cut thought what is now its foundation. Stores went out of business and new ones popped up, businesses changed, but there was a far larger shift that I noticed. People stared at me less. Weather this is because I was use to and expecting it or simply because I felt less out of place I do not know. Last year when we walked around, we drew far more attention. I’m a six foot tall Irish dude with a red beard, and I don’t think people often see that around the school. A few people asked to take photos with me, but I noticed the environment was different. Somehow less tense then the first time. As I mentioned, this might be because I wasn’t sick or the fact that I knew relatively where I was. I obviously don’t blend in, but the people I interacted with outside of the collage seemed somehow more accepting that a foreigner was in that area then jest a year ago. There’s a good chance they will see me again at some point to. I have made a few friends here, and I intend to visit again, even if not for work. I just have to wait until I forget what paneer tastes like. see you soon Hubli.^B4C62D8CBA709D0292A8F3C22FAE12742AF986E5DF73262DF7^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr20160106_073145


Our team, right before we departed. see ya later guys.we will be back.

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