3 Ideologies 1 Events made the Tour most valuable

The past couple of days drove my mindset into totally different track.

First one is Gaurav Sha. He is the proprietor of Seven beans innovative coffee shop. He is very young dynamic and very energetic to put vive of Entrepreneurship into our mind. He has given an awesome overview about his below 6 keynotes about the “selling of Experience” concept.

1) Ignore the real world

2) Make meaning (Community Concept)

3) Get going and keep going

4) Define a Business Model

5) Scratch your own itch

6) Think 10 times

Second one is New Year Eve Celebration. We had oval shaped common area decorated nicely with 2016 banner. We had DJ at second floor where we have rhythmic group dance with Hollywood, Bollywood dance. We had special cheese (paneer) Manchurian dish for snacks with soft drinks. Then we went for Lantern fire and flying. Near 12 o clock, we did bonfire and cake cutting after the New year touched. As a whole it was very memorable events and we had lots of fun. We even celebrated new year for Japan first and greeted each other New year in Japanese, followed by Chinese, Indian and lastly at Boston EST time.

IMG_8612 IMG_8614 IMG_8625 IMG_8769 IMG_8911 IMG_8913 IMG_8933

Third was our tour at Farm house “Suman Sangam”. Dr Sanjiv was in Gynecology practice for last 25 years. There was a quotation that “It is not only typical Farm house where harvesting is happening, here human is learned to be nature lover”. He showed us how he built this todays farm house with full of green trees from barren land 25 years before. He is Dean of one School at Dharwad. There was a nice mediation room at underground which is very cold peaceful. He stretched on the biodiversity effect to protect from global warming. He has a plan to make his farm house to be rest area for people while in long drive. instead of paying to Costly restaurant, people can get chance to spend time with soil, with nature. He proposed on giving donation for plantation of 1 tree on behalf of sweet memory of passed out some nearest dearest person while leaving the Farm house. In between we have some Chinese, Japanese and Indian songs practice by our students.

IMG_8951 IMG_8969 IMG_8973 IMG_8976

Last but not least was the heart touching encouraging story of Mr. Abhi, the founder of NABROS Consulting firm from Chicago, USA. His HUB for Learning and Innovation (HUBLI) is the IDEA incubator for like-minded kids and adults to brainstorm and build their ideas with the access to expert consulting, events, books, grants, portal and certification. As per him, 3 main words can have real life analogies. Entrepreneurship is the first easy step, it means keep good health. Next is creativity which means build family. The ultimate is Innovation which means adaptability or accepts and update as per situation. He played special guitar made Pablo from Argentina. After that, some of us shared our past experience and new ideas. Abhi gifted his books to UML Library.

IMG_8985 IMG_8989

Thus all 4 most happening events cut a deep marks in my mind, the most valuable part of the course.

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