Blog 2

The past few days have flown by.. it it sad to realize that this amazing journey is coming to an end. In the past few days I went to two different orphanages and gave the children candy, games, and books to continue their education. There are no words to begin to describe the emotions that were pulsing through me. All I know is that seeing all of the kids faces light up and smile should be enough of an explanation in itself. Of course we have had school everyday, expect Sunday, but in between that time I have fit a lot in. Like a 7 mile trek through a forest that was created by a entrepreneur who is also a retired doctor. The link to see the hike for yourself is – – I was also able to visit three of the students homes and eat traditional Indian cuisine and learn more about the Indian/Hindu culture from the parents.


That brings the story to today and it was traditional day here in India, most of the students were wearing traditional Hindu clothing. I tried to purchase one at the market yesterday but the shirt wouldn’t fit around my arms and shoulders…don’t think the people in India have similar builds to me. I just wore a button down shirt while most of the other students were able to fit into the slim fit clothes.  Today after class we attended the International Conference on Enabling ‘Make in India’ unfortunately right before the event started I got a bloody nose and I started to feel light headed. I walked back to scholar house, where we are staying, and got another bloody nose. Once that was done I could not go back to attend the rest of the event, I took a shower and I am calling it a night.




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