Blog 3

This is my final blog and it is sad to think that this part of my journey is almost over. For the past few days I have been feeling under the weather, until yesterday when it turned even worse. I was on the toilet every hour. I decided to go to class on Saturday and had to leave early due to how sick I was feeling. I slept for 5 hours during the day and didn’t eat anything all day. I was told to go buy some coconuts and drink their milk in order to flush my system. After drinking two coconuts I took some antibiotics and went to bed. Almost everyone else went up to party during the night but I wanted to regain my health for the last leg of our journey. This experience has changed my life and I couldn’t feel more blessed.

Blog 2

The past few days have flown by.. it it sad to realize that this amazing journey is coming to an end. In the past few days I went to two different orphanages and gave the children candy, games, and books to continue their education. There are no words to begin to describe the emotions that were pulsing through me. All I know is that seeing all of the kids faces light up and smile should be enough of an explanation in itself. Of course we have had school everyday, expect Sunday, but in between that time I have fit a lot in. Like a 7 mile trek through a forest that was created by a entrepreneur who is also a retired doctor. The link to see the hike for yourself is – – I was also able to visit three of the students homes and eat traditional Indian cuisine and learn more about the Indian/Hindu culture from the parents.


That brings the story to today and it was traditional day here in India, most of the students were wearing traditional Hindu clothing. I tried to purchase one at the market yesterday but the shirt wouldn’t fit around my arms and shoulders…don’t think the people in India have similar builds to me. I just wore a button down shirt while most of the other students were able to fit into the slim fit clothes.  Today after class we attended the International Conference on Enabling ‘Make in India’ unfortunately right before the event started I got a bloody nose and I started to feel light headed. I walked back to scholar house, where we are staying, and got another bloody nose. Once that was done I could not go back to attend the rest of the event, I took a shower and I am calling it a night.




Blog Extra Credit

During the first day of class instead of breaking for lunch and heading back to the dorms for a short break one of the Indian students was attending a family wedding. The family wanted the students from the US and China to experience a traditional Hindu wedding. After our first part of class we took two yellow buses into Hubli and attended the wedding. First we went into what would have been the chapel to see the bride and groom. We all were asked to take a handful of flowers that were in a giant bowl and we waited in line to take a picture with the newly wed. Once we arrived at the end of the line we took a picture with the bride and groom but not before we covered them with the flower petals we took earlier. After the photo we went downstairs to where the food was being served. We all ate with the family and friends attending the wedding and were socializing with all of the locals. Seeing a tradition wedding in Indian is a once in a lifetime deal for a foreigner and I am extremely grateful that I was able to experience that.IMG_1982

Blog 1

I arrived at Logan Airport on the 27th of December with my father who wanted to see me off and wish me safe travels. As I got closer to the security gate my emotions were running wild. I wanted to scream, laugh, and cry at the same time. My dad said reassuring words and off I went to travel to Dubai, UAE. The flight was twice as long as any flight I have ever been on. I started walking down the tunnel to the plane and by now the emotions I was feeling earlier were tenfold, I said a quick prayer and off we went over the Atlantic. 12 hours later were landed in Dubai, after a short layover it was off to India. Once we arrived in India the journey took a turn, our flight was delayed for 7 hours so we found ways to entertain ourselves. All of the students from UML are very nice and easy going. Once the layover was complete we flew to Hubli, where our final destination is, and started orientation at the school with all of the students participating in the course. The students from China are extremely nice and have made friends with them already. Looking forward to making more connections with all the students on this adventure abroad.IMG_1967 IMG_1972 IMG_1974