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I arrived at Logan Airport on the 27th of December with my father who wanted to see me off and wish me safe travels. As I got closer to the security gate my emotions were running wild. I wanted to scream, laugh, and cry at the same time. My dad said reassuring words and off I went to travel to Dubai, UAE. The flight was twice as long as any flight I have ever been on. I started walking down the tunnel to the plane and by now the emotions I was feeling earlier were tenfold, I said a quick prayer and off we went over the Atlantic. 12 hours later were landed in Dubai, after a short layover it was off to India. Once we arrived in India the journey took a turn, our flight was delayed for 7 hours so we found ways to entertain ourselves. All of the students from UML are very nice and easy going. Once the layover was complete we flew to Hubli, where our final destination is, and started orientation at the school with all of the students participating in the course. The students from China are extremely nice and have made friends with them already. Looking forward to making more connections with all the students on this adventure abroad.IMG_1967 IMG_1972 IMG_1974

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