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During the first day of class instead of breaking for lunch and heading back to the dorms for a short break one of the Indian students was attending a family wedding. The family wanted the students from the US and China to experience a traditional Hindu wedding. After our first part of class we took two yellow buses into Hubli and attended the wedding. First we went into what would have been the chapel to see the bride and groom. We all were asked to take a handful of flowers that were in a giant bowl and we waited in line to take a picture with the newly wed. Once we arrived at the end of the line we took a picture with the bride and groom but not before we covered them with the flower petals we took earlier. After the photo we went downstairs to where the food was being served. We all ate with the family and friends attending the wedding and were socializing with all of the locals. Seeing a tradition wedding in Indian is a once in a lifetime deal for a foreigner and I am extremely grateful that I was able to experience that.IMG_1982

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