Surprise Wedding with 1st day class: Lots of achievements in short tenure

We have good start up today. I like the Tea served in claypot cup. The taste was yummy. We went to Kulkarni Lecture Hall 101 at 9:00 pm. We have nice white T-Shirt distribution with difference Makers logo at the front and KLE Technical University and MSB at the back. Prof Mehta gave us in-depth knowledge on Entrepreneurial concept.

Suddenly we came to know we have been invited for one of our KLE participant’s sisters marriage. We went as a group during our lunch break. It was an awesome experience of typical traditional South Indian Hindu Marriage. We have given flowers in our hand to wish newly married Bride & Grooms. There was some mantras enchanting. At the end of it, everyone threw the flower towards the new couple. Then we were in long procession queue to go to the stage to wish the Bride & groom in person as well as we were lock down into their Video and Photography images. We went for Traditional marriage occasion’s lunch. We have been served with chapatti, rice, vegetables curries, “golab jamun”, “balusai” sweets and very famous and delicious butter milk. There was lots of woman wore traditional sarees and gold made jewelry.

After come back to class, we have been allocated into particular projects with mix of Chinese and KLE different streams students. We have been assigned one presentation task on a daily commodity problem and resolution as well as about project team dynamics. I have fresh sugarcane juice and Coconut water with KLE students, which is incredible in the sense; I never found that in USA.

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