World’s Away

Dispite from cruises to bahamian islands, I have never been out of America until this trip to India. I knew that there would be a difference, but nothing can ever prepare one completely for what one will encounter on the otherside of the world. After a tiring 33 hour journey from the front door of my home to the front door of the Scholar House, I did not see very much of what I had expected of India. That changed on the bus ride to the schoool, and continued to evolved during my experience. The school was much less “westernized” than I had expected, especially when I saw that every bathroom had its own miniture water heater that we have to turn on in order to take a hot shower. Honestly, I was a bit taken back by this at first glance, but I grew comfortable soon enough in my temporary home. The students, many of whom I now call my friends, showed such hospitality to us and tried their hardest to make us feel at home. It was not just the Indian students that I began to become aquainted with; I had never met any of the UML students (aside from the 2 orientations) and thus I had the opportunity to get to know them as well. By the time we arrived at the school we had all become well aquainted, and I am very happy to know them and the Indian students as well.

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