New Years in India

Its been a week since we left America and I feel like I am home. Everyone in India is so welcoming and accepting. We have been here for only a week and I have done and seen more than I have seen in my 20 years in America. This year I have spent my first New Years away from my family. I was very sad that day because I was feeling homesick. However, I feel like in a short amount of time, we have grown to form a family. On New Years we had many festivities from amazing food like Paneer, a dance party (even though I hate dancing), to paper lanterns and a bonfire. The lanterns looked absolutely beautiful as they flew far away, higher and higher in the sky, all different colors and going in different directions.



The last couple days also included a trip to a local innovative farm. It was amazing on the farm. They grow every type of fruit one could think of. The best part was picking the fruits from the trees and eating them as we walked around on a tour. What I enjoyed most about the farm was the meditation cave. It is a small underground room that is completely tranquil.


On this day, my roommate and I decided to also where a traditional indian dress called a Kurta. It was very comfortable. As I sat there on the floor in the meditation room, I started reflecting on what I thought of myself before the trip and how I felt about myself now, during the trip. I took so many little things for granted. I didn’t know it would be, but this experience has truly been life changing. Little things that used to bother me like walking around barefoot outside or ants in my room, I don’t mind them anymore. It has become a familiar experience. This place, Hubli, it feels like home.


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