Update Logon Pages

The look and feel of the log in page for BuyWays, Financials, HR Direct, SiS, Summit and other systemsis changing so that it is mobile friendly. The URL’s are not changing and once you get into the system, there are no changes to the look and feel. It only effects the look of the log in page.

Changes go into place on Monday, October 26th.

Screenshots of the new login page and list of systems being updated are shown below.

SAL ipod.png

‘ SiS

‘ Salesforce

‘ HR Direct

‘ Finance

‘ Summit

‘ Document Imaging WebNow

‘ Effort Certificaiton

‘ UMass BuyWays

‘ Student Success Collaborative (SSC)

‘ Salesforce Employee

‘ Atomic Learning

Introducing NOW, a Mobile Student Dashboard with SiS

NOW provides you with access to your class schedules, grades, holds, and to-dos, which were previously only available by logging into SiS.
Check out NOW at www.uml.edu/NOW and use your UMass Lowell email address and password to login. NOW provides mobile-friendly access to
  • Class schedule
  • Grades
  • Holds
  • Open to-do items
  • Parking garage availability
  • Campus recreation center use
  • Shuttle bus tracking
  • Dining hall menus
Feedback can be provided directly through the dashboard by clicking the yellow ‘Give Feedback’ button or alternatively via a separate link.
Web Services, in collaboration with Information Technology, have developed this responsive website to provide a centralized location for all your important information. Future versions will include expanded SiS capabilities.

2/13/15 – Provost Message on Academic Calendar

The spring semester has been unprecedented for the campus, with record-breaking snowfall in New England forcing the cancellation of more than seven class days.

Due to the sequence of the storms, Monday and Tuesday schedules have been disproportionately affected by cancellations. Faculty and students alike are feeling the loss of these regularly scheduled classes.

Please note that Tuesday, Feb. 17 (the day after Presidents Day) is a Monday schedule.

Many faculty members have already taken steps to adjust course calendars and taken advantage of campus technology to make up for lost meeting time. But, given the total number of class days missed, we want to offer additional means of making up time.

To ensure that classrooms are available for this use, we have identified the following Saturdays asoptional dates available for faculty and students to make up lost class, lab and meeting time:

  • Saturday,
    Feb. 28 ‘ Monday class schedule
  • Saturday,
    March 7 ‘ Tuesday class schedule
  • Saturday,
    April 25 ‘ Tuesday class schedule
  • Saturday,
    May 2 ‘ Monday class schedule

Faculty will confirm any intended use of make-up dates with the Registrar’s Office, and classrooms and labs will be scheduled according to the normal schedule for the specified day of the week.

Faculty will clearly communicate with students about any classes or labs to be held on those specific dates and students are encouraged to check with faculty to confirm any scheduled dates.

We ask that faculty electing to use make-up days work closely with students who have conflicts such as work commitments or religious observances that would prevent their attendance to ensure that they are not disadvantaged by these calendar adjustments. We recommend that faculty not schedule examinations or quizzes on the Saturday make-up days.

Courses offered through Online and Continuing Education already have three make-up dates built into the calendar: Friday, Feb. 20; Friday, March 27; and Friday, April 10.

We hope that these opportunities to conduct critically important coursework will allow students to reach the intended learning goals for each class and we thank both faculty and students for their patience and flexibility as we adapt to this unprecedented weather pattern. We also thank the committed staff in facilities operations and other areas who have taken on the enormous task of returning the campus to normal following multiple heavy snow events.

Ahmed Abdelal, Provost

1/16/15, 1:35PM: SiS Faculty Self Service Error Message

Faculty membersemailingstudents via SiS Faculty Self Serviceclass rosterare receiving an error message after theyhit the send button. We have identified root cause and are working to quickly fix it. Please be aware that the email and attachments are successfully being sent to students. The warning message can be ignored. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Planned iSiS Downtime: Friday 7/18/14 @6pm through Sunday 7/20/14 @12pm

iSiS will be unavailable for planned system maintenance from Friday, July 18th @6pm through Sunday, July 20th @12pm. Please plan accordingly. This upgrade will provide a new navigation menu that will replace the left-hand navigation menu previously used in the Student Application. The menu items and navigation paths will not change, but the look-and-feel of the navigation is notably different with subtle new features available to the user.