Important Information Regarding Student Billing

Important Information Regarding Student Billing:

Effective December 2010, paper bills will no longer be sent to students’ permanent home addresses.

Students now have access to view their bills online at

Students will receive an email notification to their U-Mass Lowell student email account (e.g. when a new bill has been generated. This notification will provide the balance due as well as the due date. Students will be directed to log into to access the actual bill which will be in a .pdf format.

Students will be able to view/print/pay their bill online at

Students will be able to forward their bill electronically to parent(s)/legal guardians etc. by saving the invoice file to their computer and forwarding as an attachment in an email message.

Job aids and e-learning tools that cover the new billing process are available at

For more information please go to or call the Student Financial Services Office at 978.934.3570.