Known Issues… (Updated 1/05/2010 @ 9:00AM)

Last Update1/05/2010 -9:00am

We will post updated information here regarding major known iSiS 9.0 issues and their status.

OPEN ISSUES – Confirmed issues that are being investigated by the technical team

  • Login — Lowell has reported to UITS that some users are having troubles logging into ISIS. The user believes they are typing the username and password correctly, but the system makes the user change their password. Please post a comment if this is an issue you too have experienced as it is difficult for us to troubleshoot.
  • Update on Login Issues: UITS has been able to replicate the issue and is investigating long term solutions. In the meantime, if you experience this issue you may do either of the following: Hit your browser back button until theerror message no longer displays or close theentire windows session andstart the log in process again at
  • Performance — UITS continues to evaluate system performance issues. Many users have reported increased performance, but there are still some experiencing slowness. If you do experience iSiS being slow, please contact the HELP desk at or at 978.934.4357 and give as much detail as possible (what process you were trying to complete, the page you were on and the time of day). These details will allow us to better troubleshoot the issues.

RECENTLY CLOSED ISSUES– Confirmed issues that have recently been updated and fixed.

  • Student Online Financial Account — The display of student financial data was significantly different and causing some confusion for students. This has been modified to make it more user friendly.
  • Performance — UITS has improved the Advisor page to more rapidly load all advisees. The performance was 91 seconds and is now 11 seconds for one advisor with over 1000 advisees.
  • Faculty Class Roster Update — faculty now have the option to view students on the waiting list via their class roster.
  • Student Request for Official Transcript —the link to request official transcripts wasn’t appearing in the drop down, but is now available.
  • Permission Number Creations –a processing error prevented the Registrar’s Office from generating additional permission numbers. This has been fixed.
  • Help links to UPK are now available via the ‘Help’ button within faculty and student self-service. More improvements are coming, but this is at least now functioning.
  • International Access — Links toself-service have been changed to fixa couplelogin issues. The change willnow allow userswithinternationalcomputer operating systems to accessiSiS. Additionally facultyself-service users willenter iSiS directly in the’faculty center’.

22 thoughts on “Known Issues… (Updated 1/05/2010 @ 9:00AM)

  1. All login issues are managed through the Help Desk. It may be possible to use the online password reset functionality if you have that set up and know the answers to your security questions. In terms of Help Desk support that can not be done online and requires you to call them during their business hours 8:30-6:00 at 978-934-4357 (HELP).

  2. I can not get the system to show me any of my financial information, including account summary or financial aid.

  3. I tried numerous times to log in to ISIS. It kept reporting user name and passwd incorrect. I did type in the correct name and passwd.
    Now ISIS is saying that i am “locked out” because of numerous attempts.
    Frustrated in New Jersey

  4. When I try to log into ISIS under the “student self” tab, a message appears that I do not have access. In addition, I tried to add a class to my schedule two days ago. I was told I needed to withdraw from the current class. I did so and when I tried to add the other class, I was asked for an access code? Now, ALL of the classes are full.

  5. Your assumption is correct and iSiS doesn’t see you as being eligible to enroll. The Registrar’s Office would need to look at your record an ‘Term Activate’ you for the spring semester. Please contact them at 978-934-2550 and request to be term activated so you can register.

  6. I’m having trouble enrolling in Spring 2010 classes. “You do not have access to enrollment at this time.” is what the error message says. Also though I have been cleared by the powers that be to graduate with my AS this past semester, ISIS still says I am ineligible for graduation because of 2 classes I took as a day student do not ‘fit’ in the slots they are supposed to. Could it be possible that because I have graduated in the Fall semester with my AS (continuing on to receive my BS however) that I am unable to enroll?

  7. Here is what the technical team has just reported to us. It is more information than most would probably like.. .but figured I’d post this unfiltered.
    We’ve pinpointed the source for the username/password invalid errors that some users are experiencing ‘ this is the circumstance: The user logs in from either student or faculty self-service link ‘ enters an incorrect username and/or password and gets the error message ‘ this in turn changes the URL
    For student self-service from:
    This path does not change back to the original login, therefore if a user tries to login even with correct information, they will not move from this spot and the error message will still display.
    This is currently being looked at for a permanent solution.
    Work around:
    The user has 2 options after getting the invalid username/password error ‘ they can either hit their browser back button until the error message no longer displays or they can close the session and start again from the campus web page.
    This issue only seems to be happening with the deep links and not with the back-office link ‘ when I navigate directly to the application: ‘ and create the same scenario, I can login fine after an invalid attempt.

  8. I am having also having trouble logging in to isis. I tried changing my password and that did not seem to help. I did however just try the fix above of clicking the sign in button instead of hitting enter and that seemed to work. This might make it an easier problem to resolve with the software.

    I did notice that if I actually click on the ‘log in’ button rather than hitting ‘enter’ after typing in my user name and password, I am successful at logging in.

  10. I am having trouble logging in as well. A week or so ago I could, and now ISIS tells me I have an invalid password. I have tried changing it, and it recognized my old password and let me change it, but I still cannot log in.

  11. I personally have recreated this issue and have seen it multiple times now. We continue to push examples to UITS (the UMass IT group that manages our enterprise applications) and they are investigating. It clearly isn’t impacting every user or we’d have heard more feedback, but certainly this is not acceptable and we will make every effort to get this corrected.

  12. I’m definitely having the same problem with logging in. I was sure I was typing it in right yesterday, but I changed my password just in case in order to log in successfully. I logged in again this morning successfully, but now it doesn’t work again. I don’t want to change my password again to log in, so I’ll wait till it’s fixed…

  13. Students with individual issues with the degree progress report should contact Sheila Riley Callahan in the Centers for Learning.
    Sheila’s Contact information is as follows:
    Executive Director of Academic Services and Special Programs
    Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services (CLASS)
    Southwick Hall 308
    (978) 934-2946

  14. I have a problem with the degree progress report as well. Isis has placed a class that would fulfill a requirement into the “bucket”, and says that i need to take another class to fulfill the requirement. I checked with my advisors and they said my plan is fine and that ISIS is making a mistake, so you might want to look into that. maybe make a option where the student can plug in classes manually to what requirement they planned on taking the class for.

  15. Nice work on the new software. It’s much more robust and intuitive than the previous package.
    I really do like it. I noticed the caps lock is defaulted to on when you log in, so it took several tries for me to get on, but I was able after 4 attempts. The other issue I noticed is my academic progress does not agree with my previous transcript for classes completed.

  16. i am having problems with my degree progress report. it is not listing all the classes that i have taken here at umass lowell and some of the classes i have taken are showing up as electives instead of required, which they are in fact still required. The report tells me i have not yet taken a couple classes, but my unofficial transcript says otherwise. Also, ive taken gerontology as a required class, but now it tells me i need to take adult development and aging and the origional class no longer shows up on the list of options. i’m not really sure who i should ask about these issues…

  17. I’m also having issues logging in.
    When the new ISIS was rolled out I had to call the help desk and get my password changed. I was able to log in at that time. I wrote down the password I used.
    A few days later I tried to log in again. I could not log in! So I called the help desk to get my password changed. Again I was able to log in. I have the password written down. I actually logged in multiple times just to make sure it’s right.
    Now it’s the next day, and I just tried to log in, and I CAN’T LOG IN. This is going to be the third time I have to called the help desk to change my password, even though I’m absolutely sure I’m typing it in the right way.

  18. We are reporting this to our Technical Team for investigation. We did have one report of this yesterday too. If other users have experienced this issue please reply here.

  19. Is there a known issue with logging in?
    I’ve changed my password several times and am still unsuccessful at logging in. I try logging in with my password and it will not recognize it. I then (have done this 3 times today) click on change password and will enter my ‘old password'(which is the password i just entered and it did not recognize) and then enter a new password. It recognizes the old password to allow me to change it but did not recognize it to allow me to log in.
    Is it me or are others having similar issues?

  20. I tried enrolling in Spring 2010 courses and I am not able to change the term from Fall 2009. I can search for classes for Spring 2010 but for some reason I cannot enroll. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  21. In 8.0 the address was stored in multiple places and is a bit more consolidated in 9.0. This could cause some mixing of data based upon the effective dates. Regardless, the correct action is to update the address as you did via self-service. As for permanent address, that address can’t be changed online and you need to contact the Registrar’s Office.
    As for the transcript, we do have multiple reports of this. The first thing that appears to be impacting users is the various web browsers and more specifically POP-UP BLOCKERS. Be sure to turn off all blockers. Hopefully that will resolve the issue, and we will also continue to investigate.

  22. Since the rollout of the new ISIS platform, I’ve been having two issues:
    1. I’m not able to make any changes to my permanent address. Strangely, when 9.0 went online, all of my address and phone information reverted back to a mix of old and very old information. I was able to fix everything except for my permanent address.
    2. My unofficial transcript won’t come up. I can run the report and it appears in the list of reports, but clicking the View Report button causes “Processing” to blink for a couple of seconds, then it stops blinking and nothing at all happens.
    I’m hoping I’m not the only one having these problems, though with my luck, I wouldn’t be surprised!

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